Is SEWER a National Socialist Black Metal band?

Some people really believe that, just read the “review” called SEWER is Racist posted on Metalious.

Just as with Dimmu Borgir, Antekhrist or even Satyricon, we have mentally-challenged anti-racists accusing every band that plays black metal of “racism”, xenophobia and even Hitler worship.

This is a literal quote from the “review”.

When they say “Hail Satan”, they mean “Hail Hitler”.


They also accuse SEWER of being National Socialist because… wait for it… they have lyrics in German on one song.

Seriously, read the “review”, this is exhibit A anti-racist mental retardation.

But why the recent hysteria over “racism in black metal”? They even accused Immortal of being crypto-fascist anti-semites.

These are the same people that claim Donald Trump is Hitler (in the same review, not sure what Trump has to do with black metal), that Taylor Swift is racist and that Miley Cyrus is the KKK or something.

The fact that they draw dubious links between extreme music and a (mostly fictional) historical event that happened over half a century ago is bad enough, but now they are using albums reviews on Metalious to post their retarded anti-racist propaganda targeting black metal bands such as Mayhem or Darkthrone.

There is no debating with anti-racists, they are religious fanatics.

In one post the author advocated “anti-fascist militia” bring baseball bats, crowbars and Molotov cocktails to a Marduk concert in Toronto.

Because “all black metal is racist”, supposedly.


Is Dimmu Borgir NSBM?

Is Dimmu Borgir NSBM?
Is Dimmu Borgir NSBM?
Is Dimmu Borgir NSBM?

Is Dimmu Borgir a National Socialist Black Metal band?

According to some, they are not only racist but the penultimate incarnation of the NSBM band.

Just read the “review” titled Dimmu Borgir is Racist on Metalious, courtesy of some faggot who pens himself “antifa666”.

Anti-racists are at it again, going after black metal bands by accusing them of fascism, Hitler worship and “hate”.

They already called Antekhrist racist, Satyricon racist and even threw their shit at Bathory.

These mentally-handicapped anti-racists clearly don’t seem to understand that no one gives a shit about their hysteria.

Is Dimmu Borgir a NSBM band?

Their arguments are, at best, fragile.

They start out by taking Shagrath’s quote about “slitting the throat of every black person in the world”, and claim that rather than purposefully trying to be shocking, the Dimmu Borgir vocalist was in fact advocating for a worldwide race war or some other nonsensical shit.

What he disingenuously fails to point out is that the quote in question was taken from a 1995 interview, in other words from more than 20 years ago.

The rest of the “review” is more of the same kind of histrionic diarrhea.

They accuse Dimmu Borgir of being secret Hitler worshipers because “Satan is a code word for Hitler”, and because Hellhammer of Mayhem once played for Dimmu Borgir.

Also, Shagrath spoke positively of Varg Vikernes so they are obviously part of a worldwide KKK conspiracy.

Any aspect of society or culture that is implicitly White, such as black metal music, is attacked by anti-White religious fanatics as being “racist”.

These are the same people that claim Taylor Swift is racist, Miley Cyrus is Hitler, Mel Gibson is Goebbels, the UN is anti-semitic (lol) for recognizing the State of Palestine and so on.

They should just leave Dimmu Borgir out of their cuckold homoerotic fantasies.

Black metal doesn’t need any more retards.

Is Antekhrist NSBM?

Is Antekhrist NSBM?
Is Antekhrist NSBM?
Is Antekhrist NSBM?

Is Antekhrist a National Socialist Black Metal band?

Some people seem to think that they are, if you are to believe the review Antekhrist is Racist on Metalious.

Once again we are dealing with the same tactics of anti-racist anti-black metal fanatics when they want to claim that the black metal genre, and every band that plays black metal, is racist, fascist, white supremacist and so on: guilt by association, quotes taken out of context and mass hysteria about the Holocaust™.

They had already accused Bathory of being racist, then they accused Satyricon of being “Islamo-Nazis”, then they accused Emperor of being fascist reactionaries.

Literally every black metal band you can think of is part of a worldwide neo-Nazi conspiracy according to anti-racist fanatics.

Mostly, though, they are just anti-White and anti-European, hence their histrionic attacks against every form of implicitly White culture such as black metal.

The sacred cow of “diversity” apparently requires chasing down every White person.

Just read the “review” and see for yourself, we are dealing with religious fanatics.

Black metal bands supposedly want to “murder minorities on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity”.

Amusing, coming from a user (“Antifa666”) whop accused Satyricon of being “Islamo-fascists” for criticizing the terrorist state of israel, who openly practices genocide and murders Palestinian children with white phosphorus.

Anti-racists don’t have a problem with nationalism, they have a problem with White nationalism… and White people.

Thus their hysteria at bands like Mayhem, Darkthrone and Antekhrist.

Anti-racism is a mental illness.

They should seek therapy and just leave black metal out of their judaic fantasies.

Is Satyricon NSBM?

Is Satyricon NSBM?
Is Satyricon NSBM?
Is Satyricon NSBM?

Is Satyricon a National Socialist Black Metal band?

There seems to be amongst the so-called “anti-racist” crowd a literal obsession with black metal music.

They can’t live without accusing such and such black metal act of being racist, fascist, sexist or otherwise engaging in politically incorrect wrong-think.

The latest victim of this manufactured outrage is, of course, Satyricon.

You can read what the anti-racist crowd have to say about it here: Satyricon is Racist, originally on Metalious.

There has been a deliberate effort by the anti-racist crowd to attack every traditionally White (i.e. European) aspect of society and culture, even the most marginal ones such as black metal music.

They attacked bands such as Emperor, Bathory, Gorgoroth and even Immortal as being racist white supremacists.

The modus operandi is simple: find a specific subculture that is “too racist” (meaning too White) and attack them via the usual means: faux outrage and histrionic screeching.

Just look at what the user “Antifa666” wrote about something as mundane as Satyr speaking positively of Palestinian.

Of course, like all good Islamo-Nazis, he supports the palestinians terrorists of Hamas.

As you can see, white supremacist bigotry goes hand in hand with fundamentalist Islamic terrorism.

Let’s get one thing straight, promoting reactionary and blatantly hateful ideologies doesn’t make you “cool”, “edgy”, or “revolutionary”. It just makes you another lunkheaded anti-semitic fascist.

If you support hate music then you are every bit as guilty for propagating racism in metal as the bands who play it.


A single quote by Satyr was enough to send the user into an uncontrollable spastic fit of spewing verbal diarrhea, going so far as to call Satyr an “Islamo-Nazi” for the sole offense of not bending over and sucking the balls of the current mainstream (in this case zionist) narrative.

There is no debating with these people, they – anti-racists – are the worst kind of religious fanatics.

Anytime some subculture is “too racist” (too White), you see the same tactics employed.

They were used against early heavy metal, indie rock, hipster culture (the user “Antifa666” even uses the term “hipster racism”) and now against black metal and Satyricon.

I honestly wouldn’t care, except for the fact that black metal really doesn’t need these types of retards.

Is Bathory NSBM?

Is Bathory NSBM?
Is Bathory NSBM?
Is Bathory NSBM?

Is Bathory a National Socialist Black Metal band?

Some people literally see Hitler and Russian spies under their beds, so it’s not surprising that Bathory is the latest victim of the anti-racist crusade against all black metal bands.

Apparently it wasn’t enough to accuse Emperor, Nargaroth and Immortal of being secret Hitler worshipers, they had to go after Quorthon and Bathory too.

I guess anti-racist really is a code word for anti-White.

There has been a coordinated effort by the usual suspects, anti-racist activists and political zionists, to attack each and every black metal band with accusations of “racism” and “white supremacy”.

The modus operandi is always the same: find some politically incorrect quote from 20 years ago, in this case Quorthon complaining about the absence of freedom of speech for political dissidents in Sweden, copy and paste a few lyrics, and claim that the entire black metal genre is full of secret KKK neo-nazis ready to start another Holocaust™.

So, is Bathory a NSBM band?

Who the fuck cares?

This anti-racist crusade against all black metal artists is getting more ridiculous by the day.

Well, at least it’s entertaining.

I got a good laugh out of the “review” quoting Quorthon talking about “blowing the brains out of a jew”.

Anti-racists and zionists are really grasping at every straw to defame the black metal genre.

Bathory pisses on anti-racism.

Is Emperor NSBM?

Is Emperor NSBM?
Is Emperor NSBM?
Is Emperor NSBM?

Is Emperor a National Socialist Black Metal band?

Don’t let racist, fascist, misogynist, White supremacist black metal fans tell you they aren’t.

This user courageously exposes the true racism of Emperor.

Even the name Emperor is obviously a slang for Führer. Trust me, I know.

There are two essential components of an online anti-racist activist: very low IQ and a lot of time to spare.

They write essay after essay explaining why every black metal band is racist.

According to these retards Immortal is racist, Nargaroth is racist, Gorgoroth is racist and so on.

Literally, every black metal band you can think of is some sort of Hitler worshiping cult.

Back in reality, the actual cult is anti-racism and their pathological obsession with “exposing” various black metal bands like some retarded 12-year-old stalker.

Just read the article.

They whine about Faust killing a faggot, Ihsahn laughing about it, Samoth playing in a band called “Zyklon-B” and Trym Torson being friends with Hellhammer of Mayhem.

It’s not very deep, probably because anti-racist retards are not known to be particularly cognitively capable.

Oh yeah, and they make a big deal out of “hipster racism” for some reason.

My favourite part: “You listen to Emperor? That means YOU, personally, are a racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynist white supremacist”.

And here I thought I was just a typical black metal fan.

Is Nargaroth NSBM?

Is Nargaroth NSBM?
Is Nargaroth NSBM?
Is Nargaroth NSBM?

Is Nargaroth a National Socialist Black Metal band?

Well, the better question would be, wtf is Nargaroth supposed to be…

Called posers by some, musical geniuses by others, no one knows (and few really care) how to classify Kanwulf’s band.

But nature abhors the void, and some took to the Internet to fill in the blanks.

According to some CNN watching anti-racist “hatewatch” groups, Nargaroth is supposedly a racist neo-Nazi band.

Lol, it’s not even a band but whatever.

Read the “review” if you want a good laugh at the expense of down-syndrome anti-racist advocates.

This isn’t the first time these “anti-hate” or “anti-racist” (or anti-White) groups have targeted high profile black metal bands for their smear campaigns.

They already attacked Immortal, Gorgoroth, Mayhem and others for their alleged ties to worldwide White supremacy or some equally retarded shit.

According to them, pentagrams are just reversed swastika and “all black metal is racist”.

Yes, that’s literally a quote from their article.

All black metal is a secret KKK conspiracy to reinstate the Third Reich and resurrect Adolf Hitler.

Supposedly, they even got Varg Vikernes to play the part of Joseph Goebbels.

Hail Óðinn.