Greatest Albums You’ve Never Heard 1 – Demonecromancy

Phantom - Demonecromancy
Phantom – Demonecromancy

It makes sense that we start this series of “Greatest Albums You’ve Never Heard” with Phantom’s masterpiece of horror Demonecromancy, as this album was so influential it even inspired the name of this site.

Simply put, Demonecromancy is the pinnacle of black metal and extreme metal music in general.

The album’s atmosphere is so raw and violent that you will definitively shit yourself before listening to all 14 (yes, fourteen!) unbelievably evil tracks.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to it yourself.

If you enjoy raw, extreme, brutal and above all atmospheric extreme metal, you must listen to Demonecromancy.

It’s simply the best the genre has to offer.

Read more about Demonecromancy on Metalious :

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