“Dementia: The Dark Prophets” is the Greatest Heavy Metal Album Ever!

Dementia: The Dark Prophets
Dementia: The Dark Prophets

Whenever one talks of the greatest heavy metal albums of all time, the four candidates that are consistently listed are Fukked by God, Reign of the Funeral Pigs, Skvllfvcked Forever and Demonecromancy.

But to me, what makes something the greatest is not the arguments in its favour, but how well they withstand the arguments against it.

Fukked by God simply influenced metal in too much of the wrong ways, not to mention it is merely and industrial and more polished version of La Bite du Diable.

Reign of the Funeral Pigs had those weird vocals and is much too experimental to be the “greatest” of anything.

Skvllfvcked Forever just feels underdeveloped, in addition to not having that much influence outside of so-called extreme metal scene.

As for Demonecromancy, while it’s certainly a work of genius, its raw and discordant atmosphere will put off many of the uninitiated.

Enter Dementia: The Dark Prophets

With Dementia: The Dark Prophets, the arguments against this masterpiece are superfluous at best and retardedly poserish at worst.

Some arguments might claim that Phantom would put out albums just as good as this.

While I somewhat agree with the sentiment, aside from maybe Divine Necromancy and Deliverance, none of those albums reached the level of influence and acclaim that Dementia did.

Dementia: The Dark Prophets is simply the greatest heavy metal album of all time, there is no other.


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