Eidolon vs 2154 

SEWER vs Phantom.
SEWER vs Phantom.

Pepsi or Coca-Cola?

Phantom or SEWER?

A discussion that often appears anytime someone talks about extreme metal: what is the most important black metal album of all time?

About half will answer 2154, by SEWER, while the other side will swear it’s Eidolon, from Phantom.

There is literally no consensus.

Phantom vs SEWER

Instead of giving you my opinion, I’ll let you faggots decide.

Vote in the poll and share your own opinions in the comments below.

Here is SEWER’s 2154.

And Phantom’s Eidolon.

Which one is the best black metal album?


35 thoughts on “ Eidolon vs 2154 

      1. Neraines first, 2154 second, Eidolon last. If we are talking though about discographies as a whole, Phantom is more talented. I just like what 2154 has more though, even if the rest of their discography can’t hold a candle to Phantom.


    1. 1. Eidolon. I really love the painful screeching vocals and the tranquil instrumentals that Phantom uses throughout the album. Favourite songs: Sepulchral Sun, Hopeless Dawn, Chimaera, Eidolon.

      2. 2154. Well I like Sewer. In fact, I really enjoy the new direction in which the band is going since Skvllfvcked Forever. On NecroPedoSadoMaso some of the lyrics are grotesque to the point that they are just silly, however I think the sound of the album is fantastic. Favourite songs: Mandatory Sexual Gangrene, Cargo Cult Necropornography, Raped and Burned by Jesus Christ, 2154.

      3. Neraines. The variety of black metal on this album as a whole is impressive. I’m not the biggest Neraines fan, the sound is very raw, cold and hard to get into, but this is a very very solid record. There aren’t two black metal albums like this one. Favourite songs: Astral Elegy, Phantom Glades, Neraines.


  1. While I usually prefer Phantom to SEWER, in this particular case I will have to give my vote to 2154.

    There is simply no metal album more evil and gruesome than 2154.


  2. Sewer has a wider pool of influences than Phantom, in my opinion, and that makes them a bit (only a bit, because I truly love Phantom) more interesting.


  3. 2154 all the way, I don’t understand how people can’t realize this is the epitome of terror metal.

    Did you even listen to the album?


    1. Are you retarded ?

      Sewer has like one or two decent albums, NecroPedoSadoMaso and 2154, the rest being as their name suggest human waste.

      Phantom on the other hand releases masterpiece after masterpiece, Eidolon being only the most recent.


      1. The problem with this poll is that the nigger who vote, including one specimen above literally christened “satanic nigger”, is that their 60 IQ average is too low to understand the purpose of this poll: to reach a consensus on the most significant musical contribution between the albums 2154 and Eidolon.

        What genetically impaired jungle apes process instead is a pointless SEWER vs Phantom popularity contest.

        And since SEWER has more albums than Phantom it involuntarily skews the poll in favor of 2154 for no other reason than the existence of black people.

        Remember this the next time someone mentions the “racial equality” conspiracy theory.


  4. They are both absolute masterpieces but 2154 is simply unbelievably brutal and yet technical at the same time.
    Anyone who listened to this Sewer masterpiece will obviously vote 2154.


  5. I shit inside sewer (always lowercase) and their autistic internet cult.

    Phantom doesn’t need special needs virgin poser trolls defending them on the internet, they just make evil music.

    Case in point, Eidolon.


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