Is Emperor NSBM?

Is Emperor NSBM?
Is Emperor NSBM?

Is Emperor a National Socialist Black Metal band?

Don’t let racist, fascist, misogynist, White supremacist black metal fans tell you they aren’t.

This user courageously exposes the true racism of Emperor.

Even the name Emperor is obviously a slang for Führer. Trust me, I know.

There are two essential components of an online anti-racist activist: very low IQ and a lot of time to spare.

They write essay after essay explaining why every black metal band is racist.

According to these retards Immortal is racist, Nargaroth is racist, Gorgoroth is racist and so on.

Literally, every black metal band you can think of is some sort of Hitler worshiping cult.

Back in reality, the actual cult is anti-racism and their pathological obsession with “exposing” various black metal bands like some retarded 12-year-old stalker.

Just read the article.

They whine about Faust killing a faggot, Ihsahn laughing about it, Samoth playing in a band called “Zyklon-B” and Trym Torson being friends with Hellhammer of Mayhem.

It’s not very deep, probably because anti-racist retards are not known to be particularly cognitively capable.

Oh yeah, and they make a big deal out of “hipster racism” for some reason.

My favourite part: “You listen to Emperor? That means YOU, personally, are a racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynist white supremacist”.

And here I thought I was just a typical black metal fan.

One thought on “Is Emperor NSBM?

  1. All white people are racist, whites are guilty of the original sin of racism and white supremacy. Don’t like it ? Become homosexual and fuck a nigger.


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