Is Gorgoroth NSBM?

Is Gorgoroth NSBM?
Is Gorgoroth NSBM?

Is Gorgoroth a National Socialist Black Metal band?

According to some particularly retarded anti-racists, it is.

Just read this article titled Gorgoroth is Racist and you’ll see the most laughable anti-racist hysteria since Trump is Hitler KKK.

Normally I would just laugh about it, but it’s quite sad to see these affirmative action faggots polluting the genre of black metal with their lachrymal diatribes about “systemic oppression” and “White supremacist patriarchy”.

This is not their first attempt, either, as the anti-White left has already attacked more than one black metal band for being “racist”, including Immortal (yes, seriously), Mayhem and Burzum, and lets not forget about Darkthrone and others who were accused of Hitler worship by low IQ progressives.

There was even an article on some antifa blog where they advocated their followers to bring baseball bats, crowbars and Molotov cocktails to a Marduk concert in Canada.

So here we have the same anti-racist “exposing” the racism of Gorgoroth, said racism which includes Infernus being friends with Richard Spencer of the American National Policy Institute (NPI) and Gaahl making positive comments about Adolf Hitler and Varg Vikernes.

Also, one of the bands members of Gorgoroth also played in a band called Zyklon-B.

It’s another Holocaust™.

Seriously, I never really liked Gorgoroth anyway so I don’t really care about this particular instance of anti-racism meets black metal.

It’s just amusing to see so-called progressives herald the most doctrinal and reactionary thought-policing views.


2 thoughts on “Is Gorgoroth NSBM?

  1. Anyone remember the video where Infernus tried to out-pussy the pussy hats & FEMENS by going into a mosque dressed in gay BDSM bondage paraphernalia?

    He ended up getting chased naked by Somalis in the street of Bergen

    FFS this ‘man’ is an embarrassment to all black metal


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