Is Immortal NSBM?

Is Immortal NSBM?
Is Immortal NSBM?

Is Immortal a National Socialist Black Metal band?

As ludicrously retarded as this question may sound, this is apparently a major problem for the mentally challenged anti-White extremists over at CNN.

The “review” called Immortal is Racist, first posted on Metalious, was recently featured on CNN’s frontpage.

All these “X black metal band is racist” originate from, specifically from a user who pens himself “Antifa666”.

He already “exposed” the “racism” of Mayhem, Burzum (lol), Darkthrone and pretty much every black metal band you can imagine.

I know what you’re thinking: what a faggot.

The goal is to “problematize” any aspect of culture or society, even the most fringe ones such as black metal music, because they are “too racist”… which is just a buzzword that means there are too many White people.

Seriously, go read the review.

It’s just a pathetic anti-racist, probably a homo from his writing style, reciting the typical CNN talking points about how everything is racist as long as it isn’t inclusive of transgendered jewish homosexuals (i.e. the author of the “review”).

Also notice how the first thing he points out is the Holocaust ™.

How dare Immortal make fun of the 666 million gas chambers.

I never really liked Immortal, but the “review” is just retarded.

Anti-racism is a mental illness.

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