Is Nargaroth NSBM?

Is Nargaroth NSBM?
Is Nargaroth NSBM?

Is Nargaroth a National Socialist Black Metal band?

Well, the better question would be, wtf is Nargaroth supposed to be…

Called posers by some, musical geniuses by others, no one knows (and few really care) how to classify Kanwulf’s band.

But nature abhors the void, and some took to the Internet to fill in the blanks.

According to some CNN watching anti-racist “hatewatch” groups, Nargaroth is supposedly a racist neo-Nazi band.

Lol, it’s not even a band but whatever.

Read the “review” if you want a good laugh at the expense of down-syndrome anti-racist advocates.

This isn’t the first time these “anti-hate” or “anti-racist” (or anti-White) groups have targeted high profile black metal bands for their smear campaigns.

They already attacked Immortal, Gorgoroth, Mayhem and others for their alleged ties to worldwide White supremacy or some equally retarded shit.

According to them, pentagrams are just reversed swastika and “all black metal is racist”.

Yes, that’s literally a quote from their article.

All black metal is a secret KKK conspiracy to reinstate the Third Reich and resurrect Adolf Hitler.

Supposedly, they even got Varg Vikernes to play the part of Joseph Goebbels.

Hail Óðinn.

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