Is Satyricon NSBM?

Is Satyricon NSBM?
Is Satyricon NSBM?

Is Satyricon a National Socialist Black Metal band?

There seems to be amongst the so-called “anti-racist” crowd a literal obsession with black metal music.

They can’t live without accusing such and such black metal act of being racist, fascist, sexist or otherwise engaging in politically incorrect wrong-think.

The latest victim of this manufactured outrage is, of course, Satyricon.

You can read what the anti-racist crowd have to say about it here: Satyricon is Racist, originally on Metalious.

There has been a deliberate effort by the anti-racist crowd to attack every traditionally White (i.e. European) aspect of society and culture, even the most marginal ones such as black metal music.

They attacked bands such as Emperor, Bathory, Gorgoroth and even Immortal as being racist white supremacists.

The modus operandi is simple: find a specific subculture that is “too racist” (meaning too White) and attack them via the usual means: faux outrage and histrionic screeching.

Just look at what the user “Antifa666” wrote about something as mundane as Satyr speaking positively of Palestinian.

Of course, like all good Islamo-Nazis, he supports the palestinians terrorists of Hamas.

As you can see, white supremacist bigotry goes hand in hand with fundamentalist Islamic terrorism.

Let’s get one thing straight, promoting reactionary and blatantly hateful ideologies doesn’t make you “cool”, “edgy”, or “revolutionary”. It just makes you another lunkheaded anti-semitic fascist.

If you support hate music then you are every bit as guilty for propagating racism in metal as the bands who play it.


A single quote by Satyr was enough to send the user into an uncontrollable spastic fit of spewing verbal diarrhea, going so far as to call Satyr an “Islamo-Nazi” for the sole offense of not bending over and sucking the balls of the current mainstream (in this case zionist) narrative.

There is no debating with these people, they – anti-racists – are the worst kind of religious fanatics.

Anytime some subculture is “too racist” (too White), you see the same tactics employed.

They were used against early heavy metal, indie rock, hipster culture (the user “Antifa666” even uses the term “hipster racism”) and now against black metal and Satyricon.

I honestly wouldn’t care, except for the fact that black metal really doesn’t need these types of retards.

7 thoughts on “Is Satyricon NSBM?

  1. So every band with white people in it is automatically “racist” and “anti-seeeemite” because some antifa jew says so.

    That actually reminds me, I’ve been kicked out of school for eating fish together with banana but anti-racism is even more retarded.


    1. Satyricon is nazi and islamofascist read they’re own statements where they admit as much, they and many other white supremacist bands are only using they’re music to disseminate hateful ideologies and genocide


      1. ‘islamofascist’ lol. So when Israel, the illegal state, drops white phosphorus on Palestinian children, are they killing ‘islamofascists’ as well? How do they know who is ‘islamofascist’ and who isn’t? Or are all Palestinians ‘islamofascists’ in the same way that all white people are racist, and anyone who criticizes the illegal state israel is automatically a ‘nazi’, anti-semite, white supremacist?


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