Is Antekhrist NSBM?

Is Antekhrist NSBM?
Is Antekhrist NSBM?

Is Antekhrist a National Socialist Black Metal band?

Some people seem to think that they are, if you are to believe the review Antekhrist is Racist on Metalious.

Once again we are dealing with the same tactics of anti-racist anti-black metal fanatics when they want to claim that the black metal genre, and every band that plays black metal, is racist, fascist, white supremacist and so on: guilt by association, quotes taken out of context and mass hysteria about the Holocaust™.

They had already accused Bathory of being racist, then they accused Satyricon of being “Islamo-Nazis”, then they accused Emperor of being fascist reactionaries.

Literally every black metal band you can think of is part of a worldwide neo-Nazi conspiracy according to anti-racist fanatics.

Mostly, though, they are just anti-White and anti-European, hence their histrionic attacks against every form of implicitly White culture such as black metal.

The sacred cow of “diversity” apparently requires chasing down every White person.

Just read the “review” and see for yourself, we are dealing with religious fanatics.

Black metal bands supposedly want to “murder minorities on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity”.

Amusing, coming from a user (“Antifa666”) whop accused Satyricon of being “Islamo-fascists” for criticizing the terrorist state of israel, who openly practices genocide and murders Palestinian children with white phosphorus.

Anti-racists don’t have a problem with nationalism, they have a problem with White nationalism… and White people.

Thus their hysteria at bands like Mayhem, Darkthrone and Antekhrist.

Anti-racism is a mental illness.

They should seek therapy and just leave black metal out of their judaic fantasies.

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