Is Dimmu Borgir NSBM?

Is Dimmu Borgir NSBM?
Is Dimmu Borgir NSBM?

Is Dimmu Borgir a National Socialist Black Metal band?

According to some, they are not only racist but the penultimate incarnation of the NSBM band.

Just read the “review” titled Dimmu Borgir is Racist on Metalious, courtesy of some faggot who pens himself “antifa666”.

Anti-racists are at it again, going after black metal bands by accusing them of fascism, Hitler worship and “hate”.

They already called Antekhrist racist, Satyricon racist and even threw their shit at Bathory.

These mentally-handicapped anti-racists clearly don’t seem to understand that no one gives a shit about their hysteria.

Is Dimmu Borgir a NSBM band?

Their arguments are, at best, fragile.

They start out by taking Shagrath’s quote about “slitting the throat of every black person in the world”, and claim that rather than purposefully trying to be shocking, the Dimmu Borgir vocalist was in fact advocating for a worldwide race war or some other nonsensical shit.

What he disingenuously fails to point out is that the quote in question was taken from a 1995 interview, in other words from more than 20 years ago.

The rest of the “review” is more of the same kind of histrionic diarrhea.

They accuse Dimmu Borgir of being secret Hitler worshipers because “Satan is a code word for Hitler”, and because Hellhammer of Mayhem once played for Dimmu Borgir.

Also, Shagrath spoke positively of Varg Vikernes so they are obviously part of a worldwide KKK conspiracy.

Any aspect of society or culture that is implicitly White, such as black metal music, is attacked by anti-White religious fanatics as being “racist”.

These are the same people that claim Taylor Swift is racist, Miley Cyrus is Hitler, Mel Gibson is Goebbels, the UN is anti-semitic (lol) for recognizing the State of Palestine and so on.

They should just leave Dimmu Borgir out of their cuckold homoerotic fantasies.

Black metal doesn’t need any more retards.

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