Is SEWER a National Socialist Black Metal band?

Some people really believe that, just read the “review” called SEWER is Racist posted on Metalious.

Just as with Dimmu Borgir, Antekhrist or even Satyricon, we have mentally-challenged anti-racists accusing every band that plays black metal of “racism”, xenophobia and even Hitler worship.

This is a literal quote from the “review”.

When they say “Hail Satan”, they mean “Hail Hitler”.


They also accuse SEWER of being National Socialist because… wait for it… they have lyrics in German on one song.

Seriously, read the “review”, this is exhibit A anti-racist mental retardation.

But why the recent hysteria over “racism in black metal”? They even accused Immortal of being crypto-fascist anti-semites.

These are the same people that claim Donald Trump is Hitler (in the same review, not sure what Trump has to do with black metal), that Taylor Swift is racist and that Miley Cyrus is the KKK or something.

The fact that they draw dubious links between extreme music and a (mostly fictional) historical event that happened over half a century ago is bad enough, but now they are using albums reviews on Metalious to post their retarded anti-racist propaganda targeting black metal bands such as Mayhem or Darkthrone.

There is no debating with anti-racists, they are religious fanatics.

In one post the author advocated “anti-fascist militia” bring baseball bats, crowbars and Molotov cocktails to a Marduk concert in Toronto.

Because “all black metal is racist”, supposedly.


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