Anti-Racists Call for Violence Against Black Metal Fans

Anti-racists talk about "killing" black metal fans.
Anti-racists talk about “killing” black metal fans.

Yet another case of anti-racists believing, for some reason that evades me, that their opinion is welcome in the black metal scene.

I already exposed the user “antifa666” from, the one who used to write long diatribes about how every black metal band from Antekhrist to Immortal was part of a worldwide neo-Nazi conspiracy to instate a Fourth Reich or other absurdities.

I don’t know what happened to him as he’s stopped posting on Metalious. His last is from a year ago and is about, as you may have guessed, racism in the black metal scene. I don’t know if he made Aliyah to his homeland of Israel or if he simply dropped dead due to his lifelong struggle with syphilis and HIV.

Anti-racist activists in action.
Anti-racist activists in action.

Nevertheless, some other anti-racist activist has decided to take on the mantle of “policing” the black metal genre for “wrongthink”, and they have come up with a hilarious yet very revealing guide to avoiding “neo-Nazi” black metal bands.

Go read it now.

The author, a self-admitted jew, goes on ad nauseam about “racist shitbags”, “nazi turds”, “white pride bigots” and so on.

S/H/It advises black metal fans to boycott bands from Europe and North America, as they may be secretly Nazi. These jews call everyone Nazi, so no surprise there.

This just prove what I’ve been saying forever: Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White.

Only White bands are ever attacked for being racist, hateful, intolerant or… “Nazi”.

But it gets even more obvious. He’s what the anti-White jew writes at the end of his guide.

I’m also a fan of Black Circle, a collective of near-militant brown and Afro-centrist pride black metal bands. If you wanna listen to BM and know you’re supporting bands who would knock the teeth out of a racist with a hammer, BC and bands in their collective are a good bet

Passing on the thinly veiled threats and calls for violence against black metal fans and musicians, you’ll notice that the jewish author has no problem whatsoever with “black and brown pride”.

There is no such thing as “anti-racism”, it simply doesn’t exist.

They are anti-White.


2 thoughts on “Anti-Racists Call for Violence Against Black Metal Fans

  1. Notice that these anti racists never call rap music “black supremacist”, or asian music “yellow supremacist”. It’s only bands from Europe and white countries that get called “white supremacist” or “nazi”.


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