Black Metal and (((Hollywood Satanism)))

(((Hollywood Satanism))), the cancer of black metal.

The entire (((Hollywood Satanism))) gimmick is the cancer of black metal. The idea that black metal is "satanic" is so fundamentally retarded that you literally have to not only suspend disbelief at the idea of "devil worship" itself, you also have to consciously disregard the innumerable statements made by the actual founders of the black … Continue reading Black Metal and (((Hollywood Satanism)))

What’s the Deal with the Band SEWER?

SEWER Metal.

I always found SEWER to be the least interesting of the "big three" of TSR - The Satan Records, for the uninitiated. There's Neraines, Phantom and only then SEWER. If I was seriously trying to introduce someone to raw blackened terror metal, I'd show him Neraines' self-titled debut. Albeit somewhat hard to get into due … Continue reading What’s the Deal with the Band SEWER?

Why “Anti-Racists” hate Black Metal

Nergal the "Nazi" of Behemoth.

In his latest blog post titled Anti-Racists crying about "Nazi" Black Metal, the author of the self-proclaimed Best Black Metal blog points out the hypocrisy and double-standards of so-called "anti-racists" who accuse every black metal band imaginable (Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, even Immortal) of being secret or not-so-secret Hitler worshipers, all while applauding other non-White musical … Continue reading Why “Anti-Racists” hate Black Metal