Antoine Grand’s Revised History of Black Metal

A Fake History of Black Metal.
A Fake History of Black Metal.

Following my post on “anti-racism” in Black Metal music, several commenters including the author of the Best Black Metal blog – to whom I was originally answering – sort of hijacked the debate into a discussion on modern Black Metal and its relation to the media.

I don’t mind it, since that is the purpose of blogging… and I’d rather have this site as an open discussion forum rather than an endless echo-chamber of ideological convergence.

"True Black Metal" - LOL.
“True Black Metal” – LOL.

So amongst the topics discussed, a few commenters expressed surprised at why the most clownish, ridiculous and often times outright homosexual bands – Gorgoroth, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Dark Funeral – were so heavily promoted whereas the actual pioneers, regular old-fashioned Black Metal artists such as Burzum, Mayhem and Darkthrone – none of which are clownish or homosexual – are all but ostracized from the media.

Well the answer is in the question. Clownish bands are promoted precisely BECAUSE they are ridiculous, idiotic and often times homosexual themselves or in other way completely compatible with the dominant religion/ideology of “anti-racism”/anti-Whiteness.

Some of Antoine Grand's finest work.
Some of Antoine Grand’s finest work.

Antoine Grand, the “famous” “Black Metal” “author” who writes extensively about “racism in heavy metal music“, has created a fake “history” of Black Metal that follows the script to a T.

Let’s review a bit this “history” of Black Metal, and see if we can discover any “accidental” discrepancies.

Who does Antoine Grand credit as the originators of the Black Metal? Ihsahn, Von and Antekhrist.

Not Fenriz, Zephyrous, Tony Särkkä, Necrobutcher, Jon Nödtveidt, Nocturno Culto, Attila, Satyr, Dead, Rob Darken, Thorns and Hellhammer.

Not the people who actually started the extreme metal movement that would live on to become an alternative to the establishment death metal scene and would later be known as Black Metal.

"Norsk Arisk Black Metal".
“Norsk Arisk Black Metal”.

Grand is forced to include people like Euronymous (the actual founder of Black Metal) but only to dismiss him as being “insufficiently influential”.

Notice who they leave out completely? Perhaps the most significant and significant Black Metal act of all time: Varg Vikernes of Burzum.

And what does Antoine Grand list as the first tenant on Black Metal? Nationalism? European Folklore? Anti-Christianity? No, of course not.

“Satanism”. Antoine Grand’s version of “Black Metal” isn’t a pro-European, anti-Christian rebellion, it’s a “Satanic” “Devil-Worship” movement.

That is of course the point. The point is to keep (((Hollywood Satanism))) and Abrahamic bullshit front and center.

Paki Black Metal, certified Halal.
Paki Black Metal, certified Halal.

Of course it’s all tongue in cheek, or so they claim. Of course it’s “humor”. Of course it’s “satire”. But that is the point. They want to hijack the Black Metal label, stamp an inverted (Christian) cross on it, and turn it into a joke.

The media wants the middle-aged incel loser, the comical LARPer, the complete subhuman turd Infernus of Gorgoroth as the face of Black Metal, in order to turn the entire genre into a joke.

The music industry wants the plastic poser Shagrath of Dimmu Borgir as the face of Black Metal, so that the genre becomes yet another interchangeable mercantile product, loses its identity, and opens up a new market for “satanic extreme nu-metal” while claiming credit for the church burnings.

Notice how bands like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth no longer advertise “their” genre as Black Metal?

Devil worship homoeroticism.
Devil worship homoeroticism.

So the regular heavy metal fans who hear about the Black Metal genre have two choices:

Basic bitch commercial “satanic extreme mallcore” à la Dimmu Borgir, Deicide, Cradle of Filth and the like. 100% Fortune 500 approved.

Or inverted cross dildos, “edgy” Hebraic terminology and obese homosexuals like Infernus.

Neither of which are compatible with the essence of Black Metal as envisioned by Fenriz, Varg, Hellhammer and Euronymous.

This is nothing new, this sort of thing is Black Propaganda 101 and happens to every genre of entertainment.

"Worship Mystery Meat Satan".
“Worship Mystery Meat Satan”.

Of course, 99% of Gorgoroth/Watain/Dark Funeral fans are just beta losers, teenage boys who like to play “internet Satanist” to shock their parents.

10 years ago it would have been “Pool’s closed” or “9,000 penises coming for your children”. Today it’s listening to Infernus and King ov Hell having gay sex in the studio. Doesn’t anyone remember “Yiff in Hell, Furfag“?

Infernus himself is likely not particularly different than Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church – the similarities between the Westboro’s Christianity and Gorgoroth’s Hollywood Satanism were already noted by others – a not-so-bright LARPer and an easily manipulated narcissist who likes attention and is willing to do whatever it takes to get some.

Is Gorgoroth NSBM?
Infernus, aka Roger Tiegs.

For him it’s probably a weird sexual fetish… as noted elsewhere, Roger Tiegs is known for inventing very graphic – often BDSM – homoerotic fiction about his fellow band members, which he often posts online to “get back” at them for “humiliating” him, as was the case when Gaahl left the band.

That’s not the behavior of a sexually well adjusted adult, that’s the behavior of someone with deep seated sexual issues… probably having to do with his childhood.

For his fans, it’s obviously meant as a joke… as I said, the point of trolling is that you “win” when people take you seriously. If it wasn’t Satanism it would be Dailystormer frog memes or swatting Ariana Grande’s mystery meat grandmother at 4 A.M.

But for the media and the music industry it’s not a joke.

They WANT someone like Infernus as the face of Black Metal.

They want a childless middle-aged loser, a low-functioning retard who claims to have made “pacts with the Devil against homosexuality“, someone who has clear issues separating reality from his often sexual fantasies, as the face of a genre he was never apart of.

Fenriz, Varg, Euronymous, Hellhammer and the true originators of Black Metal… they built an actual movement, both artistically challenging and socially subversive.

Infernus and his butt buddies Erik Danielsson and Mikael “Ahriman” Svanberg (the male escort) are the definition of posers, imposters who claim credit for a genre they don’t belong to.

And that goes double for the no-name author Antoine Grand, who’s only contribution to the genre is decrying its “racism” at the behest of MTV.

I’m fine with them humiliating themselves – like when Roger “Infernus” Tiegs – cried at his trial, but it should be pointed out that they aren’t and will never be part of the Black Metal scene.

7 thoughts on “Antoine Grand’s Revised History of Black Metal

  1. To have a faggot trusting and following you outdoors in expectation of presumed male intercourse at least needs some skills in homoerotic camouflage.


    1. There seems to be a concerted effort from the (((usual suspects))) to turn black metal into a circus show, complete with juvenile faux satanic rebellion as opposed to the rational and often legitimate criticism of Christianity coming from the early Norwegian scene, all this led by two “metal news” sites: MI and MS, which, surprise surprise, are operated by the same jewish individual (a certain Daniel Cohen who lives in Occupied Palestine).

      There is also the case of the very egregious Encyclopedia Metallum, whose admins are known to publish bullshit about Norwegian black metal bands and alter the ratings and even the reviews of their contributors.

      Apparently, one of their admins died recently (username was Diarrhea or something) and now they’re whoring for donations, officially for the “funeral”.

      Well a /pol/ user actually tracked the user based on the info they provided, managing to find his real name and address which I won’t publish (initials are Chris S.), and found out that he actually died due to complications of HIV, which as you guess, led to immune deficiencies.

      He apparently contracted HIV when he solicited unprotected sex with African sex workers. Male or female? Your guess is as good as mine.

      /pol/ users also discovered that while he pretended to be a hardcore satanist online, going so far as to bash the early Norwegian scene for being “eskimo faggots” and “living off of the glory of old church burnings”, his entire family seems to be very religious Christians, judging by how they harp on about Chris “living on in the afterlife”‘, and they even invited a pastor to the funeral (LOL) to give a “sermon”.

      For those who don’t know, Diarrhea was part of a group of admins that were very active on Metal Archives, particularly in censoring any dissident (read wrong think) thought, and he in particular was very vocal about his opposition to nationalism.

      He went on to make up elaborate and very lurid stories about Fenriz being gay and a “secret Christian”.

      He was also a staunch defender of antifa, called Varg Vikernes a nutjob and threatened on several occasions to commit terrorist attacks against several high profile black metal bands including Marduk and Absurd (you can find many screenshots, and perhaps even the original posts if the other admins haven’t deleted them).

      Black Metal

      He also claimed that Varg Vikernes was about to “commit suicide” and that he would go stir shit up at his funeral to “put those racists in their place” (the irony).

      So we have a person that:
      – comes from a Christian background
      – solicits the services of African prostitutes
      – contracts AIDS due to the above
      – larps online as a “hardcore satanist”
      – actually threatens to commit terrorist acts against “nazi” bands

      And these are the people that get to define what is and what is not black metal… no wonder Varg, Fenriz and others want nothing to do with the genre.

      I hope that one day some serious scholarship is done on the poser culture in general. A few years back there were some mainstream media piece about “Encyclopedia Metallum” itself, home of every heavy metal poser. Apparently, the guy who started it was horrifically abused, sexually and physically, by his family, and his internet trolling and “hardcore” “satanic” rhetoric was him acting out of frustration at his own impotence.



  2. Connecting the dots…

    GORGOROTH guitarist Infernus was convicted of aggravated sexual assault but was cleared of the more serious rape charge by a Norwegian court on Monday (Jan. 9).

    Infernus (real name: Roger Tiegs) and a friend (whose identity has not been revealed by the Norwegian media) were found guilty of raping a 29-year-old Congolese woman last year. They were both sentenced to three years in prison.

    Dag Idar Tryggestad at Bergens Tidende speculates that the jury must have found that one of the men (Tiegs’ friend) used force against the woman and that the other man (Tiegs) was unaware of this when he later had sex with her. This despite the fact that the three of them were all in the same, small apartment at the time.

    Following the acquittal of Tiegs, the prosecutor asked the jury: “Is [Tiegs] guilty of aggravated sexual assault?”

    Half an hour later the jury returned with the answer: “Yes.”

    “We can only speculate as to what the jury based its answer on,” said the prosecutor.

    The basis of the prosecutor’s question is: Because of the circumstances, Tiegs should have known that his friend had forced himself on the woman and that she therefore couldn’t resist when the friend had sex with her.

    According to her attorney Grethe Gullhag, the woman is relieved that both were convicted, albeit only one was found guilty of rape.

    Defense attorney Egil Horstad, who represents the GORGOROTH guitarist, is pleased that his client was cleared of the more serious charge. “But it’s difficult to understand the jury’s thought process when they find my client guilty of aggravated sexual assault,’ said Horstad. “First they state that my client wasn’t involved in the rape of the woman, or that he even knew that a rape had occurred. Then he’s punished because he should have realized what had happened.”

    Dots connected yet?

    How much more obvious can it be?

    Infernus is a SNITCH, that’s why he wasn’t convicted of rape.

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  3. It’s well known that BM is full of homos. Homos are attracted to black metal and satanism because it’s a taboo breaking behaviour.


  4. You Nazis and your subversive little Nazi blogs are really starting to make the,wrong people angry.

    You think we cant see your Nazis?! You give yourselves away in the details all the time.

    It wont be long before Minorities awaken. Any brain dead feminazi watching Real Housewives of Atlanta, followed up by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, can see plain as day their are some stains such as WHITE SUPREMACY that never come off.

    One day a Minority will take revenge for all the millions of Minorities whose blood you have on your hands. All those Minorities whose lives are destroyed by your racial profiling, all those stds in crack cocaine, all those police brutality, all the pain you have unleashed on our communities.

    Anne Frank lives in my heart, inspires me with his accurate vision of our future predicament under White Nazis, and her eternal Life of the mind gives me hope. Living in this future that Anne Frank predicted fills me with such despair….I feel like a time travelling walking dead nomad, lost in this strange civilization known as the Nazi Empire of Amerikkka.

    The one thing you can never take away, corrupt or destroy in this world…is the fact that Anne Frank was right about you!

    How I mourn the Life of Anne Frank that never was.


  5. Antoine Grand is a piece of human shit and anyone who supports or defends him is as well. The only good thing he ever did was kill a fagg-t in his homeland haha.


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