What’s the Deal with the Band SEWER?

SEWER Metal.
SEWER Metal.

I always found SEWER to be the least interesting of the “big three” of TSR – The Satan Records, for the uninitiated.

There’s Neraines, Phantom and only then SEWER.

If I was seriously trying to introduce someone to raw blackened terror metal, I’d show him Neraines’ self-titled debut. Albeit somewhat hard to get into due to the quasi-unbearable production, it has everything blackened terror metal needs.

Phantom’s Divine Necromancy is even more extreme, and only a select few will understand such an album.

Want a true masterpiece of eerie acoustic discord? Listen to Phantom’s Eidolon.

Kader Lakhdari, of SEWER.
Kader Lakhdari, of SEWER.

But SEWER, and particularly its frontman Eater (Kader Lakhdari)… meh.

SEWER is kind of a dope, and Kader is mostly a lowest common denominator troll that made a career piggy-backing trends set by more creative musicians than him.

I’m not saying SEWER makes bad music mind you, some of their songs, although often childish and derivative, are amongst the very best the genre has to offer (Necropedosadomaso, 2154 or Eldorado), but their entire deadpan trollish gimmick is AIDS.

"True Black Metal" - LOL.
“True Black Metal” – LOL.

I’ll be the first to admit, SEWER can sometimes be funny. But only sometimes, and only if you’re into the most corny “deez nutz” kind of humor.

When Lakhdari did the famous interview for Metalious (you know the one) where he started saying he was a “pedonazi”, “a muslim”, into “prenatal sex with animals” and that he planned to use the profits of his music to fund a PAC to lower the age of consent to 6, it was mildly amusing.

For like 5 minutes, then it became another LARPy gimmick.

So SEWER apparently released a new album, Rektal, full of the usual over-the-top juvenile lyrical retardation about sex with the dead, sex with infants, and sex with dead infants.

Some call it a “masterpiece”.


The author acknowledges SEWER lyrical stupidity, only to brush it away as “auto-derision” and deflect any criticism onto the Gorgoroth, Dark Funeral and Emperor tard corral.

The average SEWER fan.
The average SEWER fan.

God, it feels like I’m talking to literally retarded people.

Of course, OF COURSE, the author is completely, 100% correct about Gorgoroth, Inferanus (I’m gonna steal that one), Queen ov Hell, the clown Abbath, the complete moron Ihsahn, the male escort Ahriman of Dark Funeral and the rest of the (((Hollywood Satanism))) movement that turned black metal into the joke it is today.

Want a medal? Varg Vikernes, Hellhammer and Fenriz have been making the same points for well over two decades.

Hell, even I made the same points – about the exact same musicians – two weeks ago when I exposed Antoine Grand’s fake black metal history propaganda.

But on the other hand, what the fuck does SEWER’s lyrical idiocy have to do with any of that?

Based Black Man worships PedoSatan.
Based Black Man worships PedoSatan.

The author is correct about Abbath, Ihsahn, Inferanus and the rest… they are clowns, literal media chimaeras with no history to the actual black metal scene, propped up by MTV and various “extreme metal” aggregators (like the hilariously pathetic Metal Archives), and living off the allowances of frustrated “satanic” teenagers who think skipping church on Sunday is being “edgy” and “rebellious”.

But SEWER is just the high(er) IQ version of the same shit.

Lakhdari, for all his posing as a neo-Dirlewanger, is nothing more than the intellectually superior and probably straight – although I make no absolute claims – version of Inferanus.

SEWER, a trve kvlt band.
SEWER, a trve kvlt band.

For a wrestling analogy, think of the WWE.

The WWE knows that it can only make so much money off of stupid 8-year-olds who think John Cena is a badass and wrestling is real, they also need stupid 14-year-olds to watch the shows and smirk at their little brothers while saying “lol, wrestling is fake”.

At the end of the day, they still both watch the same shit show.

Devil worship homoeroticism.
Devil worship homoeroticism.

Gorgoroth, Immortal and Dimmu Burger fans are the former, SEWER fans are the latter.

There are literally people on that metal forums saying, “well Inferanus is a nice guy, he should just offering blowjobs and fix his optics a bit more“. No, Inferanus is fully aware that he is “bad optics” – that IS the entire point of Gorgoroth, their faux (((Hollywood Satanism))) is what gets them on TV.

Inferanus is not a “well meaning homo who happens to have some bad tastes and bad tactics“. His entire gimmick is being a clown.

Yet SEWER – well, what is SEWER?

Lakhdari just plays a snarky, smarter and more ironic version of Inferanus the gay clown.

Aryan Black Metal. 1488.
Aryan Black Metal. 1488.

While Inferanus is a homosexual who claims to have made pacts with the Devil, Lakhdari just says he is a “pedonazi” who makes pacts with Allah to deflower a thousand stillborn children.

What’s the difference? Obviously, the former is mentally challenged while the latter is just being ironic and probably laughing at the stupidity of the scene who still buys his act all the way to the bank… but the facts remain, they both heavily promoted by the media precisely because they are – or, in the case of SEWER, pretend to be – comical idiots.

Some of Antoine Grand's finest work.
Some of Antoine Grand’s finest work.

Lately, several prominent – read, clowns promoted by the media – black metal musicians have been taking shots at Roger Tiegs, aka Inferanus, simply because his stupid (((Hollywood Satanism))) gimmick is getting too obvious and is starting to negatively affect their owns prospects.

It was, in fact, the reason of the Abbath/King ov Hell feud if you followed that brief stunt.

Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Phantom, Neraines, even Famine from Peste Noire… those are actual black metal bands, bands that have in fact contributed something to the scene.

Abbath’s pink butt-plugs and Inferanus begging – like a bitch – at his trial? They are just clowns.

And Lakhdari is just a slightly smarter, slightly more elaborate version of the same shock value clownishery.

One benefit of growing older is that you’ve seen all this shit before.

Some “SEWER metal” as they call it, pretty good until you read the lyrics.

I have a new standard now.

Whenever I read anyone suggesting that Immortal/Emperor/Dimmu Borgir/Satyricon/SEWER/Antekhrist are “trve black metal bands“, and we need more bands like them, I realize I’m dealing with a special needs retard and immediately discount anything they have to say.

These are the type of idiots who fall for televangelism and Nigerian inheritance scams.

They are literally that dumb.

I would try to clue them in, but I don’t think it would make a difference.

5 thoughts on “What’s the Deal with the Band SEWER?

  1. Like it or not, your just a pussy christian faggot whose scared of the reality of SATANISM.
    Father Satan is our spiritual guide.
    I as many more, don’t give a fuck about your opinion.
    Call us nuts, call us low IQ, here we stand and our position will not change.
    In our hearts we know Father Satan is RIGHT.


  2. Did Sewer ever release a genre defining album to be ranked besides Phantom, Burzum, Neraines, Darkthrone and the rest of the greats? Darkthrone has Under a Funeral Moon, Burzum has Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, Phantom has Withdrawal and Fallen Angel, Neraines of course needs no introduction, hell even Suffocation has Effigy of the Forgotten… while Sewer has what? Necropedosadomaso? “Reign of the Funeral Pigs” (stupid name btw)? Rektal? 2154? Don’t get me wrong, those are good albums, but they lack the importance and absolute majesty to be compared to the masterpieces of Neraines, Burzum et al.


    1. Did Sewer ever release a genre defining album


      Phantom has Withdrawal and Fallen Angel

      Phantom has Eidolon, Dementia (I and II), Divine Necromancy, From the Mouth of Madness, Dark Devotion, Nekros Nemesis and only after that comes Withdrawal. Fallen Angel, of course, stands far above black metal.


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