Black Metal and (((Hollywood Satanism)))

(((Hollywood Satanism))), the cancer of black metal.
(((Hollywood Satanism))), the cancer of black metal.

The entire (((Hollywood Satanism))) gimmick is the cancer of black metal.

The idea that black metal is “satanic” is so fundamentally retarded that you literally have to not only suspend disbelief at the idea of “devil worship” itself, you also have to consciously disregard the innumerable statements made by the actual founders of the black metal genre – the infamous inner circle – mocking the trend of (((Hollywood Satanism))).

Devil worship homoeroticism.
Devil worship homoeroticism.

Let’s be clear… none of the founders of black metal were satanists. Not Fenriz, not Varg Vikernes, not Euronymous, not Dead, not Necrobutcher, not Hellhammer, not Nocturno Culto, not Zephyrous… not even the clown Abbath.

“Satanism” is to anti-Christianity what rooting for the Siths is to boycotting Star Wars (which you should do, the new movies suck).

I’ll repeat myself, “satanism” is not anti-Christianity, at best “satanism” is reverse Christianity – aka Christianity. They both use the same terminology, the same logos and even share the same dogmas.

Which brings us to a rather, huh, interesting commenter that felt the need to answer my last post about the band SEWER.

Like it or not, your just a pussy christian faggot whose scared of the reality of SATANISM.
Father Satan is our spiritual guide.
I as many more, don’t give a fuck about your opinion.
Call us nuts, call us low IQ, here we stand and our position will not change.
In our hearts we know Father Satan is RIGHT.

– 666 IS THE LAW

How cute.

He calls me a “pussy christian faggot” and even says “Father Satan” in the same way a Christian would say “Lord Jesus”.

"Worship Mystery Meat Satan".
“Worship Mystery Meat Satan”.

So, 666 IS THE LAW, thanks for proving my point.

“Satanism” = Christianity.

(((Hollywood Satanism))) = a particularly noxious tumor that seeks to redefine the meaning of Black Metal music, which great help from the mainstream media and music industry – thereby justifying the triple-parentheses.

The entire purpose of the (((Hollywood Satanism))) cult is to turn Black Metal into a comical joke, complete with inverted (Christian) crosses, pentagrams, hebraic names straight out of a Bible’s study group and, in the case of the poser clown Infernus, even actual dildos.

They seek to replace Fenriz, Varg, Hellhammer and even Famine from Peste Noire with buffoons like the aforementioned Infernus, the literal retard Abbath, the cuckhold King ov Hell and the flaming faggot Ihsahn.

Based Black Man worships PedoSatan.
Based Black Man worships PedoSatan.

Of course the media LOVES these idiots and want to make them the face of Black Metal music, even though they have little to no connection – or even understanding – of the original Black Metal scene, its values and ethos, etc.

I mean, just look at the most famous “trve black metal satanists“.

First you have Mikael “Ahriman” Svanberg from Dark Funeral, who turned out to be a male escort operating in Lund, Sweden.

Then you have Olve “Abbath” Eikemo, involved in the most comical and trailer park Jerry Springer worthy homosexual incest-O-rama with his brother and ex-Gorgoroth bassist Queen ov Hell.

Vegard “Ihsahn” Tveitan, of course, has pictures and videos all over the internet of him cavorting with male “Asian” (read Bangladeshi) prostitutes. Refugees are cheaper than call boys I guess.

Erik Danielsson of Watain notoriously hates White women because he’s a short (5’8) and ugly loser and the only pussy he’s ever had is a Flip prostitute who only fucked him to pay for her impoverished family’s dinner. “Hail Satan”.

Roger “Inferanus” Tiegs is probably the studliest of their entire “scene” – he fucked two fat, trailer park single mothers, one of which being his own.

The average SEWER fan.
The average SEWER fan.

All are comical examples of retards, clowns and sexual losers. Which is why the media puts them front and center as “leaders” of the Black Metal scene.

Now these complete retards are being upstaged and chased off their turf by an even bigger consortium of clowns: Kader “Eater” Lakhdari from SEWER, the idiot LARPers of Antekhrist, the brain dead morons of “Atomwaffen SS”…

This is a serious problem for Inferanus, Abbath, Ahriman and the rest of the tard corral because they literally are losing their audience to even younger and dumber LARPers.

A Fake History of Black Metal.
A Fake History of Black Metal.

These MTV and Pitchfork approved “satanic” clowns are the niggers of the Black Metal scene, they have no future.

It’s evolution in action. Gorgoroth, Emperor, Dark Funeral, Watain, Wolves in the LGBT Showroom, Belphegor and the rest of the (((Hollywood Satanism))) tard corral are the collective cry of the failed experiments as Black Metal casts off the evolutionary losers, the genetic dead ends, the subpar mutations.

Black Metal emerges purified, stronger, smarter, more beautiful.

That’s the way evolution works.

Praise Óðinn – not only is it actually culturally subversive, it also serves as a repellent to the (((Hollywood Satanism))) idiots who are allergic to any non-Semitic mythos.

Boy, do they love שָׂטָן though.

5 thoughts on “Black Metal and (((Hollywood Satanism)))

  1. Praise Óðinn – not only is it actually culturally subversive, it also serves as a repellent to the (((Hollywood Satanism))) idiots who are allergic to any non-Semitic mythos.

    Boy, do they love שָׂטָן though.

    Exactly. It just goes to show how utterly and pathetically un-satanic they actually are. If they were really interested in promoting an alternative to Abrahamic desert religions, they would stop using their codes and their idols.

    It’s not like Europeans don’t have their own religions, it’s just that these fake ‘satanist’ bands want to keep black metal in the ‘Hail Satan’ ghetto.


    1. We are the FUTURE.
      We are the people you HATE.
      And we WILL conquer you, we will fuck your wives they already love to s*ck our c*cks they love the BBC more than they like you poser faggot metalheads.


      1. LULZ! Everyone knows Jesus was black and that him and his twelve hip-hop homies built the pyramids while Mother Shaniqua and her hand-maidens twerked beneath the palm trees.

        It’s history PEANUT BUTTER!!!


  2. –Black Metal emerges purified, stronger, smarter, more beautiful.

    That’s the way evolution works.–

    If only the Glen Bentards of the world could take note.


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