“SJW” Entryism in Black Metal

The face of modern black metal.
The face of modern black metal.

First, I don’t like the term “SJW”. It’s meaningless.

I get it that it was 4chan that popularized it in order to “mock” virtue-signalling outrage addicts, but at some point it needs to be retired. It’s just inaccurate, sterile, often times irrelevant, and doesn’t describe concrete and definite phenomena.

Also, it’s mostly used as a catch-all insult where better terms could be employed more effectively.

Someone who feeds homeless people, who teaches special needs (retarded) children or who volunteers for charities is a “social justice warrior”, irrelevant of their personal politics.

Someone who openly advocates “killing all White people […] for social change” is an anti-White.

Véronique "Morrigan" Marchand.
Véronique “Morrigan” M*rchand.

This was a bad week for SJWs/anti-Whites as one of their icons, Morrigan aka “I turn down incel nazis on Tinder all the time” from the comically politicized Metal-Archives, was recently outed by the Death Metal Underground. Self-described “anti-racist activist” Véronique M. – a sort of cross between Gollum and the Watain vocalist (who himself might be descended from the former) as you can see in most of her pics – was very vocal in what she and her associates call “anti-racism”, but what almost everyone else recognizes as anti-White ethnic bigotry.

Props to her for not having blue hair and keeping her BMI lower than that of a rhino, but let’s be honest here… rather than her “turning down” people on Tinder, it’s much more likely that she was herself banned from the app, possibly prompting her to dial up to eleven her aggressive and authoritarian moderating policies (the site Metal-Archives is known to edit reviews, modify comments, etc).

Anti-Racists attack black metal bands.
Anti-Racists attack black metal bands.

Jokes on her, um, atypical physique aside, this non-story about an absolute non-entity is very revealing for one reason that has not, unfortunately, received enough attention.

In the immediate aftermath of her hysterical meltdown, in which she/he/it first denied being Véronique M. before blaming her (non-existent) boyfriend for being outed, a few discussions popped up on Death Metal Underground and the Metalious.com forums where ex-members of Metal-Archives who had been banned under what they perceive to be false pretenses shared their stories.

You have to keep in mind that Metal-Archives along with MetalSucks and MetalInjection, the later two sites being run by the same jewish network from Israel, are the main coordinators of the “all black metal is racist nazi” hysteria. Morrigan herself name-dropped fake news author Antoine Grand and Metalious user “antifa666” on more than one occasion.

Some of Antoine Grand's finest work.
Some of Antoine Grand’s finest work.

Quite a few were what you’d expect: people who didn’t like the overt “kill all white people” tone of Metal-Archives, quite a bit of Trump supporters, centrists and/or libertarians who expressed doubt at the Kavanaugh narrative, people who listed “Burzum” as one of their favorite bands, a few non-political metalheads whose non-participation in the routine anti-White hysteria was deemed “white privilege”.

But it was another group that caught my attention, in the middle of what you’d consider the typical center/center-right non-conservative/anti-PC crowd.

On the Metalious forum in particular, there was a huge number of actual leftists who were, just like their right-wing counterparts, complaining about Morrigan’s censorship and claiming to have been banned due to some opinions they expressed.

More than one, in fact, claiming to have been banned not for praising, but for criticizing Trump.

Pretty curious, right? Metal-Archives, and anti-racists in general, like to present themselves as “left-wing” so why would they ban other left-wingers?

It turns out that these banned leftists were criticizing Trump “the wrong way”… let one self-admitted liberal explain.

There was a thread on the Trump-Russia connection. Since, all partisanship aside, the Trump-Putin thing is rather weak, and Putin himself is pretty popular in America, I suggested that critics should focus instead on a more substantive element of Trump’s entourage: his connections to Israel’s far-right Likud via Jared Kuschner, who is not even an American citizen and made it clear in his interviews on Israeli TV that he despises Americans (something that’s pretty mainstream and doesn’t resort to conspiracy theories on the level of Pizzagate). I was immediately banned for “anti-semitism” and “nazism”, and was basically called a far-right white supremacist despite not even being white (I’m Mexican) and being anti-Trump.

OF COURSE he would get banned for criticizing Trump through the Israeli/Likud angle. That’s something you’re not supposed to mention.

Anti-Racist = Anti-White.
Anti-Racist = Anti-White.

The entire “anti-racist” movement in black metal is run by jews, and even when the occasional non-jew participates (like Tinder warrior Morrigan), they act like jews by upholding the Israeli sacred cow… even when doing so involves censoring their own audience.

I find this anecdote fascinating and am grateful to the commenter who sent me the story, as it’s all very relevant.

The same excuse used by Metal-Archive moderators to censor critics of Israel is being used by the “all black metal is nazi” crowd to attack every black metal band imaginable on the basis that they “are too White”.

The prose and abrasive holier-than-thou tone are identical. They even use the same insults “nazi”, “racist”, “white supremacy”, etc.

Antifa = Israel.
Antifa = Israel.

Perhaps the recent influx of ostentatiously anti-White “SJWs” attacking every White person that ever played or listened to black metal as “nazi” – all while turning on a dime and making a completely unprincipled exception for the jewish ethno-nationalist (= nazi, to use their own terminology) state in Occupied Palestine – has less to do with “social justice” than with, you know, jews hating White people.

I, for one, find it VERY curious that both Morrigan and Metalious’ Antifa666 (who literally wrote that Immortal is the NSDAP) are the most caricatural anti-racists/SJW parodies imaginable on every issue, EXCEPT when Israel is concerned… they then adopt far-right talking points straight out of Likud’s playbook about Palestinians not being human and dropping white phosphorus on children being “necessary” for the “security of Israel”.

Very curious.

And this isn’t just some crazy catlady posting her worthless opinions on the Internet (opinions who just happen to read like Hasbara, by coincidence). As I pointed out, most of the “anti-racist” (= anti-White) metal sites are run by the same jewish individuals: A. Rosenberg, V. Neilstein (of “CUT THE SH*T AND STOP SUPPORTING BURZUM” infamy), J. Feldman, D. Cohen (suspected to be the man behind “antifa666” and various sock-puppets himself).

All of which were actively involved, at the very least by encouraging, the recent acts of violence and threats thereof committed against several black metal bands, including Peste Noire, Horna, Nargaroth, Watain (lol), Dark Funeral, Graveland, Taake and even Enslaved.

Many live shows were cancelled because “racism”. None of these bands, save for Watain, Nargaroth and maybe Graveland, are involved in the NSBM scene.

Recently, something even more sinister was uncovered by none less than the FBI, when a Metal-Archives user allegedly impersonated Mortuus of Marduk and claimed he was about to commit terrorist acts “against Antifa” in California. The stunt was poorly executed, and the issue was resolved after a very brief visit by the Feds to Marduk’s hotel – they weren’t even arrested and Morgan posted some pics on Instragram, laughing at antifa – but it goes to show that some people take their anti-racist (= anti-White) hysteria very seriously.

Much more so than most “SJW” virtue-signalers.

4 thoughts on ““SJW” Entryism in Black Metal

  1. What’s so ironic about Morrigan’s love for the ‘incel’ slur is that she was in fact a member of the incel community. She was active on the ‘loveshy’ subreddit which is basically incel with a different name. She had the third or fourth most active account with 463 posts, the highest having a bit over 1,000. This was well known even before people seeing her IRL face. All leftism is an exercise in psychological projection, which is why they see ‘hateful incels’ everywhere.

    Morrigan Nazi.


  2. Nominally adopting the mask of “repentance” while covertly upholding the very same power structures that enforce white supremacy and neo-nazism = NAZI §§§


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