Watain is Shit, not Black Metal

Watain, the Nu-Metal Clown Act.

I just finished writing the review of the "Watain is NSBM!" hysteria surrounding the band, and the accusations of "neo-nazism" leveled against them by - who else - jewish pressure groups ("antifa666", Metal-Archives, Metal Sucks, Metal Injection to name a few). While digging up info on the band I came across something funny. Some anonymous … Continue reading Watain is Shit, not Black Metal

Is Watain NSBM?

Erik Danielsson of Watain wants you to worship "Satan" and boycott these "pagan posers".

Just so you know, "Antifa666" is still alive and well, and active on Metalious.com where he posts his "anti-racist" - i.e. anti-White - crap constantly. His latest tirade is against... wait for it... Watain. In his pathetic review Watain is Racist, he calls each member of the band "nazi" and "white supremacist". It's hilarious that … Continue reading Is Watain NSBM?