Is Watain NSBM?

Is Watain a NSBM and racist band? Who cares?
Is Watain a NSBM and racist band? Who cares?

Just so you know, “Antifa666” is still alive and well, and active on where he posts his “anti-racist” – i.e. anti-White – crap constantly.

His latest tirade is against… wait for it… Watain.

In his pathetic review Watain is Racist, he calls each member of the band “nazi” and “white supremacist”.

It’s hilarious that it’s Watain’s turn to be the target of anti-White hate as just about no one outside of Century Media cares about Watain’s brand of blackened deathcore.

I’m usually sympathetic to the black metal bands that get targeted by the jewish “antifa” mob, or their online Hasbara equivalent, but in the case of Watain… nah, these guys can go fuck themselves.

They are the reason people like “Antifa666” got into black metal with their stupid (((Hollywood Satanism))) gimmick.

Anti-Racist = Anti-White.
Anti-Racist = Anti-White.

Their purported goal, with turd albums like Lawless Darkness and Trident Wolf Eclipse, was to play standard punk rock with distortion and call it “trve black metal”.

They wanted to “bring black metal to a new audience”, and now that the “new audience” is turning against them they are rushing back to the very bands they dissed, begging for support (how trve! how kvlt!).

As I White male, I want to emphasize with Erik Danielsson and defend Watain from what is clearly – regardless of your opinion of the band – ethnic bigotry against White, European people.

(“Antifa666”, Metal-Archives, Metal Sucks, Metal Injection… all are jewish run, all hate White people, all spend their time digging up “proof” of the “racism and neo-nazism” of this or that band.)

But I can’t emphasize, despite my best efforts.

As the saying goes: you made your bed, now sleep in it.

Watain certainly made their bed promoting the (((Hollywood Satanism))) shit. And look where it got them, they are being targeted just like every other black metal band.

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