Black Metal’s Retard Problem

A Medically Diagnosed Metal Retard.
Black Metal has a Retard Problem.

Things are rarely what they seem. Remember this simple rule and you won’t go far wrong. Unfortunately, it will also involve a bit of extra effort to discard appearances and get to the truth. But taking things at face value is not just a form of mental laziness, it’s also and always has been an indicator of low intelligence.

Case in point with this hit piece Demonecromancy Unmasks Our “Luciferian” Conspiracy, which is all but a follow-up and “double down” on the previous hit piece SEWER > U directed at myself, Silencer and Sauron (of, Brett Stevens (of DMU), Yosuke Konishi (of NWN), black metal “elitists” (who the author sees everywhere), and basically everyone else who objects to the (((Hollywood Satanism))) revisionism – that would presumably include all members of the original Norwegian black metal scene, who have all at one point or another spoken against “hoax” – by calling them, what else, “homosexuals”.


These hit pieces are, allegedly, in response to me mocking the joke band SEWER on more than one occasion on this blog. In fact, the first time I did so coincided with the run up to the “All Black Metal is Nazi” hysteria spearheaded by the NYT Michelle Saul article on Roger Tiegs/Infernus – of Gorgoroth infamy – and made many in the then black metal scene suck hard on the Black Pill. I, however, remained more sanguine and continued – correctly – to predict a blowback against what was essentially a jewish attack on European metal bands, i.e. anti-White racial bigotry, via what was essentially an intentional mischaracterisation of the black metal scene by the media.

I also remember it because I was at the time a member and active contributor on the Metalious forums – hey, give me a break, I was young and naive – and Tiegs’ unfortunate name – his scene name, actually – was a source of much simple-minded amusement to Silencer and his beta followers… Infer(A)nus, geddit?

BTW, there in a nutshell you have the three reasons why the black metal scene became the shitshow it is today – its domination by navel-gazing nihilism/negativity (DSBM/Xasthur/Leviathan), the “hollywood satanism” caricature of anti-Christianity (Gorgoroth/Watain/Dark Funeral/Antekhrist) and tasteless, low-brow trollishness (mainly SEWER).

SEWER, completely heterosexual metal.
SEWER, completely heterosexual metal.

The entire point of the media’s anti-black metal crusade was, as the (openly zionist) ADL and SPLC laid out in their own “Addressing Black Metal’s Growing Neo-Nazi Problem” presentation, to put pressure on record companies, media distributors and live event organisers to “phase out” (i.e. shut down) the remnants of the original Norwegian black metal scene and “replace” them with a “safer” alternative (i.e. the three types I mention above, “depressive black metal”, “orthodox black metal” and whatever the fuck SEWER is supposed to be).

The openly anti-White and anti-European crusade against the original members of the Norwegian black metal scene, and other local scenes (Sweden’s Marduk and France’s Peste Noire also received their fair share of harassment), include not only threats of violence towards the bands that perform live, and banning of their albums from online distributors like Amazon and Spotify (both of whom collaborate with the anti-White ADL, who has a list of “problematic [i.e. European and/or anti-Zionist] black metal bands“), but also historical revisionism destined to minimise and downplay the influence of bands like Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone and Emperor, all while attributing completely fake credentials to what amounts to astroturf media golems like Gorgoroth (a media creation with no connection to the actual Norwegian “Inner Circle”), Watain, Dark Funeral, Antekhrist, Deafheaven, Wolves in the Clone Room and so on.

Antoine Grand's "Racist Metal" Best-Seller.
Antoine Grand’s “Racist Metal” Best-Seller.

The “Lords of Chaos” movie – ironically (or not) based more on Antoine Grand’s revisionism than Moynihan and Søderlind’s original 1998 writings – is particularly obvious and underhanded in its attempt to “rewrite” the events of the Norwegian scene.

Coincidentally, the movie was literally produced, and heavily hyped, by one particularly odious anti-White jewish supremacist company, (((Vice Media))). This isn’t the first time (((Vice Media))) has collaborated with Antoine Grand and “anti-racist”/anti-White organisations like the ADL and SPLC to engage in what essentially amounts to black metal revisionism. Antoine Grand, whose writings are always given undue exposure on (((Vice Media))), the (((New York Times))) and (((Metal-Archives))), was instrumental in promoting Watain as the “face of black metal” AND in defaming the actual Norwegian black metal founders Mayhem, Darkthrone and Burzum in his “Racist Metal” book.

Morsay, the new "face" of black metal.
Morsay, the new “face” of black metal.

But even before that, it was the exact same (((Vice Media))) that made a “black metal” documentary explaining the “origins” of the Norwegian scene… except that it wasn’t even about black metal, but about Gorgoroth and, in particular, its homosexual frontman Gaahl.

Kevin MacDonald describes a very particular trait of jewish psychology, in which the (((tribe))) is always trying to credit one of their own – or a proxy – as the “inventor” or “originator” of various trends. That is because (simplified version) the jewish tribe has evolved around the idea of “truth” being defined by a “charismatic rabbi” who dictates “reality”. It’s fundamentally anti-scientific in its approach, and worst of all it ALWAYS devolves into pro-jewish historical revisionism. For instance, you have psychology’s “rabbi” Freud. Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you Freud is the “father of psychology”… despite Freud having absolutely 0 scientific credentials. Most of what is attributed to Freud comes, in fact, from Carl Jung. No evidence based psychology or neurology references either Freud or “his” theories. He is a literary figure, a “media golem” (the term is important), not an actual scientist. But he is the “rabbi” of psychology.

Anti-racist activists in action.
Anti-racist activists in action.

Likewise, the “rabbi” of cinema is Spielberg, the “rabbi” of socialism is Marx (a few centuries late for that one, “Das Kapital” offers nothing Luther and Calvin didn’t already state), the “rabbi” of “anti-racism”/SJW is Chomsky (despite him being openly zionist), the “rabbi” of relativity is obviously Einstein, the “rabbi” of literature is Kafka (his “work” is widely recognised as shit by pretty much everyone, I think even jews have toned down the Kafka-worship out of awareness of his mediocrity), the “rabbi” of philosophy is Spinoza (lol), they even made a “rabbi” of classical music, Mahler, when they discovered his Ashkenazim ancestry.

Besides arguably Einstein, none of this people would be important if not for the fact that they were part of the tribe, i.e. jewish. They are, in fact, “media golems”.

Anti-racists talk about "killing" black metal fans.
Anti-racists talk about “killing” black metal fans.

Death metal also has its own “media golem”, or “rabbi”. You know all about how (((Chuck Schuldiner))) single-handedly created death metal from scratch in 1987 with Scream Bloody Gore, right? Or are you into those “anti-semitic” conspiracy theories that claim Possessed’s “Death Metal” demo came out in 1984, Seven Churches in 1985, Slayer’s Show no Mercy in 1983, Hellhammer’s “Death Metal” split in 1984, Sodom’s In the Sign of Evil in 1985, Sepultura’s Morbid Visions in 1986, Bathory’s debut in 1984, and hell, even Mayhem’s Pure Fucking Armageddon in 1986?

But black metal didn’t, yet, have its own “media golem”. There was no black metal “rabbi”.

So they wanted a gay, “hollywood satanist”, with “safe ideas” to replace Euronymous, Varg, Fenriz or Samoth as the “face of black metal”. That was the entire point of the faux “documentary” by (((Vice Media))). They wanted to fool people into thinking: black metal = Gorgoroth = (((Hollywood Satanism))) = homosexuality. And that was all the way back in 2000, when the Internet was still in its infancy (Youtube didn’t even exist back then) and the original Norwegian black metal members, or just black metal fans in general, had very little means to “correct” the revisionist propaganda being pushed by (((Vice Media))) and other jewish groups.

Antifa = Israel.
Antifa = Israel.

That particular attempt to correlate black metal with the astroturf band Gorgoroth, and its frontman Gaahl, epic-failed when it was revealed that, while indeed homosexual, Gaahl was as far removed from a (((Hollywood Satanist))) as one could be… in fact, he described himself as “pagan”. Also, he made a few comments about one Adolf Hitler that, uh, didn’t “fly well” with the “ethnic network” at (((Vice Media))).

So they stopped trying to promote Gaahl as the “inventor”/”rabbi” of black metal, and turned their attention, instead, to Infernus. Also a homosexual, but much more reliable in that he was (1) an actual, real-life retarded “hollywood satanist” – or at the very least, someone dumb enough to play that role – (2) certainly a police informant – see What is a Black Metal Cuck – and (3) an easily blackmailed moron, given his long history of association with various homosexual, sometimes borderline pederast, groups.

Sewer, metal for the retarded.
Sewer, metal for the retarded.

So where does SEWER fit in this equation? Nowhere. That’s just the other retard from Sewerlust, named after the very worst of SEWER’s worst era, who couldn’t help himself by ejaculating over what basically amounts to squid ink. He accused me of “mystifying” the media’s anti-black metal crusade, but on the contrary, I’m making it perfectly clear. Crystal clear.

Black metal doesn’t have a “nazi” problem, like they claim, it has a retard problem.

And SEWER’s fans, most being literally retarded, are part of the problem. Not because they are actively complicit in an “anti-black metal” conspiracy, like Infernus, Erik Danielsson, Richard Lederer and the male escort “Lord” Ahriman – that’s an other issue altogether, one I already addressed more than once on this site and elsewhere – but because they are retarded.

Just read the two hit pieces I reference at the beginning of this post. Those aren’t the work of well-adjusted, average intelligence individuals… those are the work of someone/people with severe mental retardation. They don’t even get when their audience is openly mocking them in their own comments. Just read them, I’m sure the author(s) don’t even get half the references.


“If it’s White, it ain’t right” – they didn’t even catch the joke.

That’s what these “intellectual vanguards” amount to… vanguards of the gay pride.

See their clever memes? Ok, so they hate “intellectual vanguards”, probably because they themselves are vantards – a “vanguard” in denial with particularly low IQ – at best, and mostly just the rear guard of the very media hoaxes they claim to oppose.

The retard problem can’t be solved by bringing in more retards, nor can it be solved by giving the already present retards a larger (“dick shaped” or not, instant meme) microphone.

Why people detest "Sewer".
Why people detest “Sewer”.

The best these morons – who don’t even understand why their commenters keep referencing “Moshe Tyrone”, “Andrew Anglin”, “Black on Blondes”, “Joshua Goldberg/Michael Slay” and the “Daily Stormer” in an evidently sarcastic tone – could do is shut up and go home.

And by the way, why do they obsess over homosexuals to such degrees?

Metalheads are notorious for being genetic dead ends, autistic spergs and other low-functioning losers (I mean, who else gets fooled by something as retarded as “devil worship”/hollywood satanism). So “what difference does it make” if they are homosexual, straight, queer, gender-fluid or even pedophiles – like their idol, Lakhdari – given that they aren’t going to have sex with anyone either way?

Based Black Man worships PedoSatan.
Based Black Man worships PedoSatan.

Talk all you want about Tumblr’s obese, purple-haired SJWs… even THEY reject metalheads. Fuck that, even AIDS-carrier Infernus – known to engage in group sex with African men – wouldn’t touch his own fans.

Homosexuality would be an improvement over their “involuntary asexuality”.

Out of all three “fails” of black metal – DSBM, “Orthodox” Hollywood Satanism and trollish SEWERtardism – why did they have to latch onto the latter? They should have picked the former and, you know, “followed through”.

That would actually, finally, legitimately justify the existence of such shit genres as DSBM. Now we just have to get these morons to stop listening to SEWER and start listening to Xasthur. They don’t get the “sex with minors” jokes anyway – as they don’t have sexual intercourse – but “razor blades meet carotid artery” can be equally erotic, in certain contexts (just kidding, “bruuuuuh”, don’t read Xasthur’s lyrics).

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