Erik Danielsson, Watain’s Joel Osteen

Watain's Retarded "Cuck Metal".
Watain’s Retarded “Cuck Metal”.

Readers of this site will remember the “big internet war” that blogger Sewerlust (and his retarded fan base) started against me, Brett Stevens of DMU, Silencer (and presumably Sauron and others) of Metalious and even Yosuke Konishi of NWN, over our perceived criticism of SEWER and the band’s low-brow trollish antics – which include purposefully being as offensive as possible, both lyrically and musically, on every album and for no other reason than to appear edgy to impressionable teenagers, intentionally lobbying to get their own albums banned in Australia – likely to earn “street cred” for being, again, “edgy” – and mostly for being an all around sewer of a band, with some of the dumbest and most vapid fans in the (already quite moronic) modern black metal scene.

Watain, Where Down Syndrome Meets Mallcore.
Watain, where Down Syndrome meets Mallcore (note the hilarious “for rent” sign – lampshading).

Aside from calling me a “homosexual” more times than one can count, Sewerlust also accused me and the other SEWER-critics of something much more egregious than merely spreading HIV… he accused me of shilling for Watain – the “musical” equivalent of HIV.

That’s a pretty retarded case to make, even for an actual medically diagnosed down syndrome trisomic (which he is), given that I was amongst the first bloggers to denounce Watain – see Watain is Shit, not Black Metal – and his particularly odious brand of (((Hollywood Satanism))).

I’ve openly acknowledged Watain being, alongside Gorgoroth, Dark Funeral, Behemoth and perhaps Antekhrist,the epitome of everything wrong about modern “orthodox” black metal, and on more than one occasion.

The only reason Sewerlust would accuse me of “shilling for Watain”, aside from him being literally retarded, is because he misunderstood the nature of my argument against the band, and particularly against its pathetic frontman Erik Danielsson (a literal cuckold, according to his now ex-boyfriend Atteringer).

Erik Danielsson once attempted to "mock" Necrobutcher's wife on Facebook... he soon deleted the post, for reasons... evident.
Erik Danielsson and his wife. Erik once attempted to “mock” Necrobutcher’s family on Facebook. He soon deleted the post, for reasons… evident.

Prior to this post, I didn’t write anything explicitly about Erik Danielsson because I had, and still have, no wish to personally attack him or the Watain band per se, as there is already plenty of material out there for anyone who does. The sad truth for little Erik (he is 5’4″/1,65m) is that Watain is a joke band, an intellectual one-string banjo even more risible than Gorgoroth and SEWER combined, and while it is easy to mock Danielsson, he is too boring to critique.

Early Norwegian black metal was, essentially, an expression of European, specifically Scandinavian, rebellion against the foreign, some would say semitic, cultural values being imposed upon Europe by proxy of Christianity, a universalist cult.

The typical Watain fan.
The typical Watain fan.

This is best evidenced by the lyrics of pretty much every early Norwegian black metal, from Mayhem and Darkthrone to Burzum and Enslaved, who all opposed Christian’s universalism with Viking/Pagan nationalism (in the literal sense, nation = natus = blood).

So what is Watain, who is not black metal despite culturally appropriating the genre’s aesthetics, rebelling against?

One would be tempted to say that Erik Danielsson, like his Norwegian “peers”, is rebelling against Christianity and other anti-European semitic cults. But Watain is not an anti-Christian, he is a (((Hollywood Satanist))).

Watain, Cuck 4 Satan.
Watain, Cuck 4 Satan.

This distinction is important, as the “new anti-Christianity” coming from these (((Hollywood Satanist))) bands is not based on paganism, it’s not based on Scandinavian mythology, it’s not based on Ôðalism, it’s not even “atheist” in the proper sense of the word.

(((Hollywood Satanism))) doesn’t reject the Christian mythos, like the early Norwegian black metal bands did, rather it fully embraces it and even tries to “out-Christian” the Christians by having lyrics about even more obscure Biblical references.

Watain, the Nu-Metal Clown Act.
Watain, the Nu-Metal Clown Act.

It’s pretty easy to fool gullible twelve-year-olds into thinking that “praising Lucifer” and “worshiping Beelzebub” is somehow “breaking the chains” of Christianity, but in reality it’s only strengthening those chains. This was even addressed, more than once, by very mainstream Christian publications, who clearly pointed out that between “pagan music” and “devil worshiping bands” they would take the latter any day, as the former was “more dangerous”… presumably because it was sincerely anti-Christian, rather than the faux-edgy “devil worshiping” shit that Watain peddles to their (retarded) fans. All three of them.

Erik Danielsson himself isn’t “rebelling” against Christianity. In fact, he spends all his time attacking not Christians, but other black metal musicians whom he calls “pagan posers” because they are “not satanic enough”.

“Satanic”, in case you haven’t noticed, means Christian.

To be Christian is to be Satanist, to be a Satanist is to be Christian. There is no difference. They both worship the same God(s), from the same Middle-Eastern universalist religion, down to the same book (the Bible).

Why would any atheist, or non-Christian (let alone anti-Christian), want anything to do with the Bible?

A Fake History of Black Metal.
A Fake History of Black Metal.

It makes no sense. Yet, that’s the bullshit Watain and the rest of the (((Hollywood Satanism))) tard corral are promoting. You aren’t “real black metal” if you don’t embrace the Bible, Hebrew literature, perhaps the Talmud even? Oh, and if you don’t know enough “occult” Biblical references, you’re a “pagan poser”.

Like all those “pagan posers” who actually burned churches in Norway (something Erik Danielsson likes to take credit for, for some reason).

For all Erik Danielsson’s talk about being “persecuted by Christian fundamentalists” – excuse me while I lol – I find it really hard to believe that Christians, even hardcore “Christian fundamentalists” of the type that only exist in Danielsson’s imagination, would find anything objectionable in Watain’s music (except maybe for the fact that, well, it sucks).

True Black Metal.
True Black Metal.

On the contrary, if I were Christian I would do all I could to PROMOTE (((Hollywood Satanism))) in place of bands like Burzum, Phantom, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Neraines, Marduk and Graveland.

(((Hollywood Satanism))) proves a dual benefit to Christians. (1) It provides a cartoonish form of “anti-Christianity” in order to discredit serious opposition to Middle-Eastern desert cults by comparison. (2) It serves as a way to silence those “pagan posers” who aren’t “satanic enough” to be “trve kvlt black metal”.

Really, if you were a Christian… why would you NOT love Watain? They are the perfect “opposition”. AND they spend their time attacking the people who burned your churches. You know, Varg Vikernes, Euronymous, Hellhammer, Samoth, Faust, Fenriz, Ihsahn, Nocturno Culto, Frost, Blackthorns, Quorthon… you know, those “pagan posers”.

Ageless, eternal in grace
Behold the snake of temptation!
Eyes gleaming with wisdom,
tongues telling of truths inversed
I have swallowed the hanged man’s semen
with necrophageous delight
and let the Devil enter
with all his might

And in unbearable shame, enlighted by your fathomless dark,
I kneel unto thee, father, I am opened!
Let your daggers pierce through and their poisonous grace be unleashed
through these hungering veins
The impurest of blood, the greatest of pains!!!

The Devil’s blood,
the curse of salvation,
the odious essence
of His holy revelation
It floats from the garden of Eden
in malevolent grace
The Devil’s blood,
through the pentagram’s maze

To open the gates to where deformations form,
to unearthly mysteries and fire
From stigmatized wounds now the river of gnosis runs free,
in the glorious light of the five point star

Darkness, starlight in eyes
The path reveals so clear now!
I drink my own blood yet the taste is not mine
I behold my reflection yet noone stares back
Driven by a lifeless hunger
Must have it stilled
Drop by drop, curse by curse,
until all three cups are filled

This soul prayeth not for victory, but for loss
This body kneeleth not in vain, but in blood
These eyes seeth not nil, but truth
These words are not spoken by me, but through

The Devil’s blood,
the curse of salvation,
the odious essence
of His holy revelation
From the tongues of the serpent
into chalices three,
the Devil’s blood
runneth through me!

This is “edgy” until you realise that it’s basically indistinguishable from what those televangelist nutcases would spout in 1980s rural America. This is Joel Osteen level retardation. Trojan Christianity.

Let’s hope little Erik sticks to his imitation of Osteen, and doesn’t go full John Hagee. How gay would it be for “black metal” bands to suddenly start spouting bullshit about our “greatest ally in the Middle-East” and the need for “regime change in Iran” like that little shitstain Kerry King.

(((Hollywood Satanism))) = useful to both anti-White jews and anti-Atheist Christians. No wonder people like Erik Danielsson and his shit band Watain are so heavily promoted by the media.

6 thoughts on “Erik Danielsson, Watain’s Joel Osteen

  1. Erik Danielsson himself isn’t “rebelling” against Christianity. In fact, he spends all his time attacking not Christians, but other black metal musicians whom he calls “pagan posers” because they are “not satanic enough”.

    “Satanic”, in case you haven’t noticed, means Christian.

    Yeah, that’s why the whole premise of Satanists + Atheists “united” against Christians is a big joke. In reality, it’s Satanists + Christians united against Atheists. Christians don’t even consider Satanists as heretics, just as schismatics, ie. misled lambs capable of being reformed into Born Again Christians. And in a way, they are right, as Satanists are almost halfway there already. They (Christians and Satanists) reserve their true hate for atheists and agnostics.


    1. They need to make a TV sitcom out of these assclowns. These dudes are good material and no I do not speak of their horrid attempt at “black metal” – I’m talking a sort of Jersey Shore but even more retarded, and WITH CORPSEPAINT!!! WORSHIP THE OCCULT!!!
      Teitan dropping out of Watain is for the better. He deserves way better than this shit band, Danielsson is out of his league and he knows. We don’t need assclowns or weaklings infiltrating black metal.


  2. Ericuck needs to commit suicide ASAP his dignity already has so why not himself too? I suggest impaling himself on a dildo like his mother tried (but failed, due to having an unnaturally large vaginass) to abort him.


    1. Terrible band, shitty music, total joke in the Swedish BM scene. The new Marduk sounds a little sketchy to me, a bit too close to Antekhrist, Peste Noire and early Warkvlt’s experimental crap, but I’d rather have them representing the Swedish scene, rather the cuckold poser Danielsson and his shemale buddy Arihman of Dark Funeral… even Morsay had to admit they weren’t just ‘rumours’ and Arihman is/was in fact a shemale tranny

      Anyway, fuck Watain, the gayest band in metal history.


  3. Q: That’s badass pal! That response tore shit up. Now, this is an old argument that I’m sure you’ve heard many times before, but when you sing about the glory of Satan, you are admitting that there is a God, which in essence agrees with Christianity. What are your thoughts on this issue?

    A: Of course there is a god.

    E. Danielsson, Watain, 2007 Interview. What a pathetic cuck.


  4. Has little Erik tried medication for the obvious down syndrome he suffers from? By the way, wasn’t he friends with the Dailystormer’s Andrew Anglin and Vladimir Putin’s number 2 man Richard Spencer?


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