Metalhead = Retarded

"Metalhead" = Low IQ Loser.
“Metalhead” = Low IQ Loser.

Just read what they write in “Demonecromancy Exposes Our Homophobic Luciferian Conspiracy“. The author shifts the issue away from the (((Hollywood Satanism))) infiltration of black metal to, what else, “homosexuality” – as he knows his audience of metalheads, being literally incel losers and low functioning autistic types, is very insecure about being labelled “homos” – in an effort to muddy the water and create some sort of astroturf homophobic, anti-SJW, “politically incorrect”, reactionary/libertarian – two ideologies strongly correlated with the spectrum – “movement” that is nonetheless 100% compatible with their mental retardation.

The typical metalhead.
The typical metalhead.

Metalhead was always a euphemism used for “retard”, and the “metalhead culture” was always a way to ghettoize heavy metal music and associate it with the most pathetic and grotesque demographic ever… incel losers, alcoholic gamers, trailer park incest addicts and short, physically repugnant LARPers like those of Watain.

Stereotypes exist for a reason, and “stereotypical metalhead” isn’t exactly a flattering appellation, which is why most people (rightfully) take it as an insult.

Is it at all a surprise that, when metalheads actually LEFT THE METAL SCENE to move on to even more retarded “genres” – punk rock in the 80s, and then grunge in the 90s – the state of heavy metal INSTANTLY improved. In fact, the two golden ages of metal – the mid-80s and early 90s – correlate exactly with the exclusion of “metalheads” from the scene.

SEWER, completely heterosexual metal.
SEWER, completely heterosexual metal.

Euronymous, Mortiis and Samoth were pretty explicit about how they’d “beat the shit” out of anyone with the slightest trace of the “metalhead” look – you know, the barely crypto-BDSM spikes, armbands and other paraphernalia that screams “I’m a loser that masturbates to anime“. Is it a surprise that once they started excluding metalheads from their shows, they went on to create what is essentially widely recognised as the best music to ever come out of the extreme metal “scene”?

When they came back in the late 1990s, they brought with them nu metal, rap rock, chugga chugga proto-deathcore and, of course, (((Hollywood Satanism))).

The face of modern black metal.
The face of modern black metal.

There was actually a serious discussion on the Metalious forums about nu metal. The posters were literally trying to understand how “humans” – really “metalheads”, which are better classified as subhumans – could find such “music” interesting. They actually devoted intellectual energy into trying to “figure out” how shit like Korn, Limp Bizkit and Arch Enemy came to be associated with the music of Burzum and Incantation.

The answer is simple… metalheads are, by definition, autistic/asperger retards who can’t even tell the difference between ACTUAL MUSIC (Burzum, Mayhem, Incantation, Phantom) and its cheap, autistic imitation (Arch Enemy, Behemoth, Hate Eternal, Suicide Silence).

There was a thread on Death Metal Underground where some ex-Metal Archives users were deploring the state of their reviews – as in, unironically praising Hate Eternal’s “clickclickclickclick” drum machine vomit as “br00tal” and “great angry metal to headbang your head against the monitor” (probably a troll, but you never know with these types).

Poster “Satan Akbar” writes about a review of the latest Arch Enemy album.

It cracks me up when he’s angered by mundane things like the singer being a female, but nonetheless manages to praise the mallcore root note chugging as “creative” and “experimental”. What an idiot.

Have you ever met someone “on the Aspberger’s spectrum” and/or a low functioning autistic? This is exactly the kind of things they say.

True Black Metal.
True Black Metal.

They have the buzzwords down – “raw”, “creative”, “brutal”, “atmospheric”, “experimental” – but they misuse them in the most ridiculous ways, by completely missing the context.

These aren’t just “idiots”, these are retards in denial. The “metalhead” culture is like a community village where these barely functioning semi-humans can engage in their favourite past-time of trying to get other, normal humans to recognise their mental handicap as a “badge of honour” and “mark of superiority”. They often, as with all autists in fact, engage in a sort of barely crypto “supremacy” where they declare they are “smarter” than “normal” – “neuro-typical” in their lingo – people and “oppressed” by normal, “neuro-typical” society.

Also notice the – and I hate to give credence to SJW terminology, but there’s no denying it – open misogyny of the metalhead culture. This isn’t the science-based “misogyny” of the manosphere, nor is it the benevolent patriarchal paternalism of, say, 1950s household kink. This is the literal miso-gyny (“miso” = hate) of incel losers, with possible closet homo and/or racial undertones.

Consider that (((A. Rosenberg))) has famously – just like (((antifa666))) of Metalious, the one who ran all those “all black metal is nazi” attacks, and despite both of them openly identifying as “SJW” – fantasized about “breaking the facial bones” of White women. A sentiment echoed and positively praised on the Metal-Archives forums.

As for metalheads’ hatred of women, it has a pretty obvious cause: they are sexual losers, rejected by women. Kerry King, famously, had to move to the Philippines in order to have sex by paying poor, brown, third world prostitutes. That’s similar to another famous “metalhead” personality, Erik Danielsson, who also can’t get laid without paying impoverished third world brown prostitutes. It’s certain that Danielsson has been bullied in his youth, and his insecure “theistic satanism” posing is just that, posing. Danielsson, comically, even runs away from LGBT queers because he’d likely be beaten. He is a short, physically repulsive, nerdy incel after all. At least he isn’t morbidly obese like over 50% of metalheads (his fans).

"I tried to warn y'all, you wouldn't listen."
“I tried to warn y’all, you wouldn’t listen.”

The PR campaign is all about autists being “smart people who think differently” but that is PR, not reality. The reality is autistics/Aspbergers tend to be low-intelligence, low-emotional functioning, low-cognition types, which explains why they are fooled so easily by the latest commercial trends – punk rock, grunge, nu metal, rap rock, metalcore, deathcore, gaythenburg melodeaf, slam death, “technical pornogrind with a (MIDI) clarinet“… there’s even a “genre” that’s called “noise” and it is, as its name implies, “noise”. Sometimes they call it “gorenoise” to retain its relevancy to the heavy metal culture at large, but it’s basically… noise. And these autistic metalheads (pleonasm) will fawn all over the latest “avant-garde” “artist” that’s “pushing the standards of brutal gore/noise/core” by recording his lawnmower.

You can just about imagine how these trends, from punk rock to nu metal, were born – from the same media companies that know how to manipulate insecure and emotionally unstable retards/metalheads – which is, face it, about as difficult as stealing candy from sped-helmet wearing toddlers.


Typical for austistic people, they have crippled cognition, but due to their own arrogance and inability to recognise their mental deficiency for the handicap that it is, they were lured into basically “outing” themselves by mass electronic media. Wanting to latch onto a “trend” they saw nu “metal”/grunge/rap rock/deathcore/slam death/post-black/noisecore as the “next big thing” and repeated the talking points of various media outlets/record companies, and even internalised the PR narratives into believing that these jokes – from punk rock to nu metal – were a real thing.

You can imagine it – autistic semi-humans reading “cool” magazines like Village Voice, Kerrang or whichever weekly newsprint paid for by sex trafficking and homosexual classified ads – reading the “articles” proclaiming Slipknot beings the “kings” of death metal, or Deafheaven “revitalising the dying black metal scene”.

Morsay, the new "face" of black metal.
Morsay, the new “face” of black metal.

There was a joke in socialist circles that if they had their way, capitalists would charge you for the oxygen you breathe… well, considering they already got legions of metalhead retards to pay for the “clickclickclick” of Hate Eternal, the three note “songs” of Black Flag, the MIDI synths of Summoning, the “br00tal” breakdowns of Suicide Silence, the chugga chugga of Rage Against the Machine, and now even “noise” – and to BRAG about it to their equally autistic “metalhead” community, each one trying to “out-retard” the next moronic loser… the only logical next step is to get them to buy “silence”. As in, a 60 minute disc of nothing. Which, all things considered, is probably less embarrassing than admitting you listen to Dark Funeral.

Metalheads are morons and they should be left to die off naturally, since they are all a bunch of incels who can’t even have sex with women, and instead hide behind the most comical “homophobia” – seriously, just read this try-hard “u homo olol” shit, it makes the Westboro appear sane by comparison – to justify their existence and that of their pathetic “sub-culture” that is oddly self-selecting in that it attracts the worst of autistics, aspies and other subhuman failures.

(((Hollywood Satanism))), the cancer of black metal.
(((Hollywood Satanism))), the cancer of black metal.

Instead, black and death metal fans should – like Euronymous and Samoth, and even Varg more recently advocated – kick any “metalhead” moron to the curb and let them have their stupid movies (Lords of Chaos), dressing style, and faux-“music” (nu metal/slam death/metalcore/post-black) because it makes them feel all “edgy” or whatever, as long as they don’t try and infect extreme metal by association.

Metalhead = retard.

It was always a “code word” – and the smartest of the metal fans always understood it as such, which is why there was such a pushback against metalhead culture in the Norwegian black metal scene.

No fun, no core, no mosh, no trends” was more than mere marketing – they understood that if you allow metalheads/retards into your scene, they will turn it into a “safe space” to bring in more metalheads/retards.

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