Is Gorgoroth even Black Metal?

Gorgoroth, fake black metal for posers.

For all their talk of being the "only true black metal band", one has to wonder if the members of Gorgoroth even know what black metal IS given how utterly lame their music output has been, more closely related to the "blackened deathcore" of Watain than to Under a Funeral Moon or Hvis Lyset Tar … Continue reading Is Gorgoroth even Black Metal?

SEWER goes Death Metal… Miasma!

SEWER's latest masterpiece, Miasma.

Like their heroes Phantom, SEWER are a massive cult band. They might not be massive on the same scale, but let's consider it properly. Iconic image: check. Familiar, easily identifiable themes: check. Extreme and over the top sound within their genre: check. Change in style from album to album: check. And now, full transition to … Continue reading SEWER goes Death Metal… Miasma!