Is Enslaved NSBM?

Enslaved, a White supremacist NSBM band?
Enslaved, a White supremacist NSBM band?

Metalious is one of the only serious heavy metal site around, and many of the best heavy metal writers – Sauron, Heroin 88, Antioch, Silencer, Ominous, to name a few – also frequent that site. And then, you have useless retards like “Antifa666” who write such insignificant shit as Enslaved is Racist. Seriously, go read it.

This isn’t the first time “Antifa666” – or one of his sock puppets – has attacked a black metal band for being “neo-nazi” and “white supremacist”, with the usual diatribe about the Holocaust, NSBM, “Hitlerian” morality – and “Islamofascism”, if any band member dares criticise the Holy apartheid state of Zionist bigotry in Occupied Palestine (like Darkthrone, Burzum and Graveland).

Anti-Racists attack black metal bands.
Anti-Racists attack black metal bands.

Is Enslaved a National Socialist Black Metal band? The latter part of the question is easily answered, as they haven’t released anything remotely black metal since their debut album Vikingligr Veldi. So, in light of that fact, why are we pondering the hypothetical political orientations of a band that hasn’t been relevant since the days of Euronymous?

Apparently because “all black metal is racist“, an assertion repeated like a leitmotif throughout the review. And indeed, Antifa666 and his (often jewish) associates of Metalsxcks, Metal Injxction and Metal-Archxves have a long track record of advocating their followers commit acts of terrorism – called “direct action” for plausible deniability – against bands that are deemed “too White” or “too European” – like Marduk, but also Gorgoroth and now even Dimmu Borgir – because, in their own words, “Euro-centric paganism is a stepping stone for White supremacy“.

I won’t comment of every point the author makes, but this passage is very revealing.

And then, the “white man” was “forced down on his knees”, when the Nazis were defeated in World War 2, and racists like the Enslaved members had to admit that RACE was a social construct, that their TOXIC WHITENESS gave them undeserved privilege, that Europe was not the sole propriety of the racist white male, and that these bigots are going extinct, so that makes them both more paranoid (“weak is the one the enemy loves”) and delusional (“the white horde will for sure rise in our glory”).

That is what you would call, I believe, “celebrating genocide” if directed at any other race than “the racist white male”.

But in this case, it’s justified, because Enslaved are “NSBM Nazis” who are committing “microaggression” against minorities by having lyrics about Óðinn and Skaði… instead of Anne Frank’s diaries, presumably.

And now, contrast the above crusade against “toxic whiteness” with the following unabashed adulation of the world’s only apartheid state and terrorism financier, Israel. From the same author, on the aptly-named Satyricon is Racist.

Of course, like all good Islamo-Nazis, he supports the palestinians terrorists of Hamas. As you can see, white supremacist bigotry goes hand in hand with fundamentalist Islamic terrorism.

Let’s get one thing straight, promoting reactionary and blatantly hateful ideologies doesn’t make you “cool”, “edgy”, or “revolutionary”. It just makes you another lunkheaded anti-semitic fascist. If you support hate music then you are every bit as guilty for propagating racism in metal as the bands who play it.


Satyricon is just another racist, anti-semitic and white supremacist band. Don’t try and justify it. Don’t try and claim that Satyr was “just joking” when he defended anti-semitic palestinian terrorists or that Frost playing in a band called Zyklon-B is somehow “tongue in cheek” humor. And don’t even think about saying crap like “It’s okay for black people to have their own culture but whites are labeled racists for wanting the same thing”. I’m so tired of this argument. The same rules don’t apply. Blame your ancestors.

Commenter “Leader” didn’t let that slide.

Ah? So it’s okay to blame Europeans from… when exactly? 1945? 1914? 1889? 1517? Just how far back are you willing to go? BUT under no circumstances can you blame the Jews of the current year, even as they commit genocide against Palestinians… that would be “Islamo-fascist”. Good to know.

There are two opinions that are considered hate speech.

1) It’s okay to be White.
2) Murdering Palestinians is wrong.

Makes it real easy to see (((where))) the anti-Whiteness is coming from.

As for Enslaved, meh. I obviously support them against this typical jewish form of defamation, but weren’t they the ones to spit on black metal in the first place when they signed with Nuclear Nu-Metal? Not that in really matters in light of the calls for bringing “knives and beer bottles” to black metal concerts. To “stop hate” before it “claims another 6 million lives” no doubt.

Vikingligr Veldi is okay though, and Frost is passable.

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