SEWER goes Death Metal… Miasma!

SEWER's latest masterpiece, Miasma.

Like their heroes Phantom, SEWER are a massive cult band. They might not be massive on the same scale, but let's consider it properly. Iconic image: check. Familiar, easily identifiable themes: check. Extreme and over the top sound within their genre: check. Change in style from album to album: check. And now, full transition to … Continue reading SEWER goes Death Metal… Miasma!

Erik Danielsson, Watain’s Joel Osteen

"Orthodox Theistic Satanism" = Shit.

Readers of this site will remember the "big internet war" that blogger Sewerlust (and his retarded fan base) started against me, Brett Stevens of DMU, Silencer (and presumably Sauron and others) of Metalious and even Yosuke Konishi of NWN, over our perceived criticism of SEWER and the band's low-brow trollish antics - which include purposefully … Continue reading Erik Danielsson, Watain’s Joel Osteen

The Epilogue to Sanity – A Uniquely Fascinating Masterpiece

Phantom's latest album, The Epilogue to Sanity, is a masterpiece.

With all the drama surrounding the SEWER shit-show, an album as perfect and in every way brilliant as Phantom's latest release, The Epilogue to Sanity, might have passed unnoticed. Proving once again that anything SEWER touches turns to shit, and the best course of action for the black metal scene would be to just ignore … Continue reading The Epilogue to Sanity – A Uniquely Fascinating Masterpiece