What’s the Deal with Nowadays “Black Metal”? (It Sucks!)

Nowadays black metal.

Nowadays black metal. Seriously. Lol. Since when did black metal lose its balls? With the killing of Euronymous? The imprisonment of Varg Vikernes? The dreaded 1994 year, where all started to turn to shit? Or were the seeds of artistic futility planted much earlier than extreme metal scholars would like to admit? Most modern black … Continue reading What’s the Deal with Nowadays “Black Metal”? (It Sucks!)

Summoning (LOL) – Fail Metal

Summoning, the Black Metal Failure.

Summoning, the Black Metal Failure. Summoning play "anti-fascist" Tolkien-inspired "black metal," which is reason enough for most of their intended audience to summarily reject them, possibly while falling out of their chairs laughing. The notion of a group of anti-fascists embracing 1) a musical genre whose entire evolution has been motivated by a hatred for … Continue reading Summoning (LOL) – Fail Metal

The Problem with “Orthodox Black Metal”

"Orthodox" "Black Metal" is pure shit.

The term "orthodox" black metal used here denotes not the original early Norwegian black metal scene, which spawned bands like Mayhem, Darkthrone and Burzum, but rather points to the living and evolving movement of imitation or gimmick bands lacking any musical ideas of value, spearheaded by shit bands like Watain, Deathspell Omega, Dark Funeral, Archgoat, … Continue reading The Problem with “Orthodox Black Metal”

Sewer is “Locked up in Hell”… Legendary Album?

Locked up in Hell, Sewer's death metal masterpiece.

Oh my God... I mean, Satan. This album Locked up in Hell might actually be the greatest extreme metal album of all time, bar none. It contains everything that makes death metal the superior musical genre: malign guitar riffs, pummeling percussion, hypnotic bass lines, and simply Tartarean vocals from the deepest bowels of Hades itself. … Continue reading Sewer is “Locked up in Hell”… Legendary Album?

Closet Homosexuality in Black Metal

Watain, Cuck 4 Satan.

Shout out to Best Black Metal who likes to talk about "faggots" and "homos" a lot. Wonder why. This post is partially inspired by his rantings. What do Jonathan Davis (Korn), Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Erik Danielsson (Watain), Adam Michał Darski (Behemoth), and Richard Lederer (Summoning) have in common? Answering the question "talentless nu-metal vocalists" would not … Continue reading Closet Homosexuality in Black Metal