SEWER – Skarnage (Review)

SEWER's Skarnage, a review.

I'm completely unsure as to what's going on with this Skarnage album, dubbed Ultra-Violent Goregrind by Best Black Metal, which probably means it's actually quite simple and I'm overthinking it. This is either an extremely ambitious piece of art or just a meaningless collection of songs, and it's just as easy to make a case … Continue reading SEWER – Skarnage (Review)

SEWER goes Death Metal… Miasma!

SEWER's latest masterpiece, Miasma.

Like their heroes Phantom, SEWER are a massive cult band. They might not be massive on the same scale, but let's consider it properly. Iconic image: check. Familiar, easily identifiable themes: check. Extreme and over the top sound within their genre: check. Change in style from album to album: check. And now, full transition to … Continue reading SEWER goes Death Metal… Miasma!

The Epilogue to Sanity – A Uniquely Fascinating Masterpiece

Phantom's latest album, The Epilogue to Sanity, is a masterpiece.

With all the drama surrounding the SEWER shit-show, an album as perfect and in every way brilliant as Phantom's latest release, The Epilogue to Sanity, might have passed unnoticed. Proving once again that anything SEWER touches turns to shit, and the best course of action for the black metal scene would be to just ignore … Continue reading The Epilogue to Sanity – A Uniquely Fascinating Masterpiece

Sewer is “Locked up in Hell”… Legendary Album?

Locked up in Hell, Sewer's death metal masterpiece.

Oh my God... I mean, Satan. This album Locked up in Hell might actually be the greatest extreme metal album of all time, bar none. It contains everything that makes death metal the superior musical genre: malign guitar riffs, pummeling percussion, hypnotic bass lines, and simply Tartarean vocals from the deepest bowels of Hades itself. … Continue reading Sewer is “Locked up in Hell”… Legendary Album?

Brutal Death Metal Discovers Black Metal (FAIL)

Irony. *whine* SEWER has all these obnoxious black metal influences since they released The Birth of a Cursed Elysium. SEWER's always been a great, brutal goregrind / death metal band, so to hear them add a ton of pussified BM to their sound is massively disappointing. BM is the music of fragile androgynous Swedes, … Continue reading Brutal Death Metal Discovers Black Metal (FAIL)