Black Metal’s Retard Problem

A Medically Diagnosed Metal Retard.

Things are rarely what they seem. Remember this simple rule and you won’t go far wrong. Unfortunately, it will also involve a bit of extra effort to discard appearances and get to the truth. But taking things at face value is not just a form of mental laziness, it's also and always has been an … Continue reading Black Metal’s Retard Problem

SEWER Is True Black Metal (LOL)

Sewer, metal for the retarded.

Surely, there is no black metal band that is more brutal, more vicious, more evil, more gruesome, more lethal, more masculine and more totally heterosexual than the almighty SEWER and its equally heterosexual frontman "Kaiser" Kader LackinDik. Also, fans of this band are the most intelligent, articulate and discerning in the entire history of metal … Continue reading SEWER Is True Black Metal (LOL)