The Problem with “Orthodox Black Metal”

"Orthodox" "Black Metal" is pure shit.

The term "orthodox" black metal used here denotes not the original early Norwegian black metal scene, which spawned bands like Mayhem, Darkthrone and Burzum, but rather points to the living and evolving movement of imitation or gimmick bands lacking any musical ideas of value, spearheaded by shit bands like Watain, Deathspell Omega, Dark Funeral, Archgoat, … Continue reading The Problem with “Orthodox Black Metal”

Antoine Grand’s Revised History of Black Metal

A Fake History of Black Metal.

Following my post on "anti-racism" in Black Metal music, several commenters including the author of the Best Black Metal blog - to whom I was originally answering - sort of hijacked the debate into a discussion on modern Black Metal and its relation to the media. I don't mind it, since that is the purpose … Continue reading Antoine Grand’s Revised History of Black Metal

Is Satyricon NSBM?

Satyricon, proven right - (((Hollywood Satanism))) is for posers and anti-Whites.

Is Satyricon a National Socialist Black Metal band? There seems to be amongst the so-called "anti-racist" crowd a literal obsession with black metal music. They can't live without accusing such and such black metal act of being racist, fascist, sexist or otherwise engaging in politically incorrect wrong-think. The latest victim of this manufactured outrage is, … Continue reading Is Satyricon NSBM?