Ranking All SEWER Albums by Metal Genre!

All SEWER Albums Ranked.
All SEWER Albums Ranked.

SEWER is a notorious, and some would say infamous, extreme metal band.

SEWER is said to play… SEWER Metal.

They are said to have been inspired by the band Phantom, which plays… wait for it… Phantom Metal.

But whereas Phantom Metal describes a specific and easily identifiable (seriously, just listen to any one of their records) music genre, “SEWER Metal” mostly seems to refer to any type of music played by SEWER.

And trust me, SEWER plays a lot of music.

At the time I’m writing this, SEWER has released not less than 18 full-length albums.

By the time you read this, it’ll probably be even more than that.

SEWER is a ridiculously proficient band.

But not all of their albums sound the same, far from it.

And this brings me to my contention with metal review sites, such as Metalious.com amongst others, who label ALL albums by SEWER as “SEWER Metal“.

SEWER’s discography revisited

For the sake of accuracy, to better reflect the actual music played by SEWER as opposed to the fantasized “SEWER Metal” label, I’ll be ranking all 18 of SEWER’s albums and affixing them with what I believe to be their proper musical sub-genre.

I say “musical” as I believe that not all of SEWER’s albums fit the “heavy metal” category, particularly the latter releases.

This list is ordered chronologically.

  • Satanic Requiem: Black Metal
  • Black Death: Black Metal/Industrial Black Metal/Noisegrind
  • The Light: Black Metal/Noisegrind
  • NecroPedoSadoMaso: Blackened Goregrind
  • Reign of the Funeral Pigs: Deathgrind/Groove Goregrind
  • GoreFuckKult: Black Metal/Blackened Deathgrind
  • A Hymn to the Bloodletter: Blackened Doom Metal
  • Underage Goreaxe Pigrape: Groove Goregrind/Industrial Goregrind
  • The Shadows of the Goreaxe: Blackened Drone Metal
  • The Pedosadist: Epic Deathgrind/Blackened Goregrind
  • Under the Eye of the Black Skull: Black Metal/Primitive Black Metal
  • Skvllfvcked Forever: Technical Deathgrind/Groove Goregrind
  • Vomiting Into the Mouth of Satan: Industrial Goregrind/Epic Goregrind
  • Sewerlust: Experimental Gorenoise
  • NecroPedoCoproPhage: Brutal Deathgrind
  • Sewer Abomination: Blackened Sludge Metal
  • Happy Metal: “Happy Metal”
  • 2154: Brutal Goregrind/Progressive Goregrind/Epic Goregrind

That concludes all 18 SEWER albums, and their respective genres.

This list is of course purely subjective, feel free to submit your thoughts in the comments below.

What do you think the next SEWER album will be?

Psychedelic Classical Folk?


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