Anti-Cosmic Luciferian Cringe and “Blackened” Fagothry in Modern Metal

LGBTQP+ "Black Metal" Fagothry.
LGBTQP+ “Black Metal” Fagothry.

Lame angry-man metal inspired by former homosexual pornography performer turned “orthodox Satanist” par excellence Infernus, and other worthless posers like Chris Barnes and Phil Anselmo. Virtually every abomination that heavy metal has had to put up with over the last two decades can be attributed to these three entities, and Watain are here to lay claim to that proud heritage. Erik Danielsson & co. are chodecore to the hilt; faux anger and the death of imagination are their everlasting companions. Their songs are about precisely nothing, lurching and spasming for no conceivable reason, and laced with kindergarten occult and pseudo-satanic profane tirades in the hope of boosting their street cred amongst the meth-addicted groove-oriented Pantera-loving mallcore crowd.

Kids are impressionable, retarded kids doubly so, and music like this does little to ignite their curiosity but wonders to make themselves feel “less gay” after swallowing daddy’s “sex pistol” on Friday Night. Play them Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth or post-Hoffman Deicide, they are so immune-depressed after catching HIV for the 59th time that they probably have auditory issues and can’t tell the difference anyway.

The truth is that these “theistic satanists” are mentally ill Christians who believe turning their crosses upside down makes them less cringy than their Catholic brethren. Speaking of Catholics, how unlikely is it that these super-serious “devil worshipers” aren’t just bitter they didn’t get it showed up their anus by their priests? It’s a known fact that Glen Benton, for instance, was molested as a child and his “satanism” is him basically acting out in catharsis. Another super serious “devil worshiper,” Infernus of Gorgoroth, is a flamboyant homosexual himself, and it has been reported that he offered blowjobs to his bandmates (Gaahl, King ov Hell, Pest) on more than one occasion in exchange of cigarettes and beer. Was he just jealous that he didn’t get the holy priest cock in his ass? After all, he is nicknamed “Inferanus” for a reason.

"Orthodox Theistic Satanism" = Shit.
“Orthodox Theistic Satanism” = Shit.

The theistic Satanist – or “orthodox” black metal – canon is full of references to either homosexuality (sodomy), or inceldom (“left hand path”), but we’re supposed to brush it off as if it’s just a “trend” and not a downright genre invasion by washed out posers, cucks and other sub-human garbage (aka Danielsson and Inferanus).

Even bands like Enslaved and Ulver, in all their mallcore pandering, at least maintain a semblance of respectability by having not-completely-moronic lyrics about European mythology, history, nature… hell, anything beside the odious spectacle of having to watch Lord Ahriman mimicking the act of getting sodomised by (plastic) goat horns at Hellfest.

What a sad affair the genre of Dead, Euronymous, Varg, Quorthon and Fenriz has become.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Cosmic Luciferian Cringe and “Blackened” Fagothry in Modern Metal

  1. I kept a straight face during the entire post but lost my shit at: The theistic Satanist […] canon is full of references to either homosexuality (sodomy), or inceldom (“left hand path”)


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